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Tamra Judge Speaks Out After Being Mentioned On Latest Episode Of RHOC; Tamra Claims Shannon Beador Wanted Braunwyn Windham-Burke To Keep Drinking On The Show!

Tamra Judge speaks out after she was brought up during this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

If you recall, Braunwyn Windham-Burke told co-star Shannon Beador that Tamra spoke to her mother, Dr. Deb, on the phone. According to Braunwyn, her mother told Judge about her issues with alcohol. As a result, Braunwyn felt like she had to share her battle with alcoholism on camera with Beador.

While Tamra wrote via Instagram that she hasn’t watched the episode, she heard she’s “getting blamed” for drama.

“The absolute truth is Dr. Deb sent me a DM (in Feb) on Instagram asking me how my ex husband was doing,” Tamra wrote, referring to her ex Simon Barney’s battle with cancer, according to Us Weekly. “I told her that it’s hard but it’s brought our family back tighter. Then I asked how her and B were doing. She simply said better now that she isn’t drinking … that’s it!!!! First week of filming when Shannon and I were still kind [of] talking, Shannon called me and said she thinks B is pregnant and she’s gonna buy her a pregnancy test and give it to her on camera.”

“I told her don’t bother, I don’t think she’s pregnant, her mom told me that she isn’t drinking anymore,” Tamra added. “Shannon then contacts production and makes this big deal out of it saying, ‘We are filming a reality show she needs to drink.’ … No Shannon, not everyone needs to drink!”

Shannon has yet to publicly respond to Tamra’s claims. Meanwhile, Braunwyn added that she misses having Tamra on the show.

“Tamra and I get along. We still talk, we went to lunch like a week ago. I miss Tamra. I think she’s a great Housewife,” Braunwyn told Us Weekly. “I like having her in my life. She’s always been a good friend to me whenever I’ve needed her.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal