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Tamra Judge Reveals How She Felt After New Season Of RHOC Premiered And Admits She’s Been Approached By Another Network For A New Reality TV Show!

Tamra Judge is reacting to not appearing on the current season of The Real Housewives of Orange County after leaving the series after twelve seasons. 

"OK, so I'll be honest with you that it kind of comes in waves, like I've said, like there's always the first like the first time they film without you. The first time, you know, they go on a trip without you. And I thought, like, when it aired, I'd be really sad," Judge told Derek Zagami on RealiTea With Derek Z. "And, you know, and I really wasn't sad. I was just like, OK, whatever life goes on, you know, close that chapter, let's move on"

"And then the next day I woke up and I had like hundreds of DMs from people just like I miss you so much and, you know, and a lot of other things they said. But and then it just made me feel a little sad. So the day after, I felt a little sad, if a little weird left out. But I'm good. My life is good. I'm moving on."

Judge also addresses her friendship with Selling Sunset Heather Rae Young and reveals that she's been approached by a different network on doing another reality show. "We are just friends That's it, Heather moved to Newport to be a Tarek, and she doesn't have a lot of friends out here," she told Derek Zagami on RealiTea With Derek Z. "She's into fitness and I am getting into possibly flipping houses. So and of course, Tarek is full of knowledge when it comes to that. I have been approached by another network. And  let's just say I'm just taking my time. I'll let you know when when I know everything is solid."

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal