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Scheana Shay Opens Up About Getting Pregnant After Experiencing A Miscarriage; Says “I’m So Excited To Have A Healthy Baby”

After Scheana Shay and her and boyfriend Brock Davies announced that they are expecting their first child together after the Vanderpump Rules couple suffered a miscarriage in June.

Scheana opened up about the experience of finding out she was pregnant again. "We got pregnant so quickly," Shay told PEOPLE. "My doctor told me to wait one period and ovulation cycle and then we could try again. It was the first and only time we tried and I had a feeling right away, but it was so soon to tell because I wasn't even close to missing my period yet. I just had a feeling."

Scheana said that she wanted to take a Clearblue digital pregnancy test before heading out on a trip to Sedona, Arizona with Brock, which was going to be filled with high-impact activities like off-roading. She recalled "bawling [her] eyes out" after the pregnancy test came back positive.

"I had to know before I missed my period and we went on this trip," she told the outlet. "We still had an amazing trip, but it just all happened so quickly, which is so exciting but also really scary after having a miscarriage."

"After going through the miscarriage and knowing those signs," this time around, "it was comforting knowing, 'Okay, you're not spotting, you're not cramping, you still feel pregnant, you're still tired, your boobs still hurt.' "

"I had to keep convincing myself it's okay because last time I woke up one day and there's no other way to explain it, just that I didn't feel pregnant anymore," the Bravo star recalls. "I told my mom that and her heart broke because before my sister, she too had a miscarriage and the same thing — she said she just felt not pregnant one day."

"After a miscarriage, I was definitely even more aware of my body, but just so much more cautious and scared ... I was just too afraid to lift up a 5 lb. weight. I was like, 'But what if that makes me have a miscarriage?' " Shay says. "It was every little thing, which I'm sure was driving Brock crazy because he's like, 'You're fine!' But I was just like, 'I need to make sure, I need to make sure' — and now we've made sure! Everything is good."

She continued, "Once I got to 10 weeks, I went in for my appointment and [the doctor was] like, 'You can stop the progesterone now,' " Shay said. "And I was like, 'But I'm not in my second trimester yet,' and he's like, 'Well, I just did an ultrasound; the placenta is giving the baby nutrients now. Your progesterone is being provided through there.' And I was just like, 'But are you sure?' I was questioning my doctor because I'm just so paranoid and he's like, 'You're fine, stop taking it, relax, start working out again.' "

Shay encourages anyone who wants to become a parent to not give up on their dream. "There's so many alternative ways: Freeze your eggs, try [in vitro fertilization]," she says. "If that doesn't work, there's always adoption; there's so many kids in foster care who need to be adopted and need homes. There's always a way. If you truly want to be a mom, don't give up."

"Being a mom is something that I didn't think was necessarily going to be possible for me, which is why I froze my eggs twice last year," she told PEOPLE. "I didn't know that I would be able to get pregnant on my own so I'm just so excited that we were able to do this naturally and that everything looks good. I'm so excited to have a healthy baby and hug my baby and just be a mom."

Scheana and Brock's baby is due in April 2021. This will be the first child for Scheana. Brock has two children from a previous relationship.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal