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NeNe Leakes Is ‘Hopeful’ About Working Out Her ‘Relationship’ With Bravo Following Her RHOA Exit! Plus NeNe Addresses Her Current Feuds With Andy Cohen And Wendy Williams; Says “All I Can Do Is Take You Back To One Of My Old Sayings, ‘I Said What I Said’”

NeNe Leakes is getting candid about her exit from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and hopes to fix her working relationship with Bravo. NeNe also addresses her feuds with Andy Cohen and Wendy Williams.

"I am not going to return to Housewives, that's not what this is about," Leakes said during an interview with Extra's Billy Bush, according to PEOPLE. "If I wanted to return to Housewives, I could have. I had an offer."

Leakes shared that she is "hopeful" about her relationship with Bravo, the network that airs the Real Housewives franchise, going forward.

"I am very hopeful that we can work out our relationship out behind-the-scenes without everyone being involved," Leakes told Extra.

Leakes also made it clear that she wasn't fired from the franchise, but left because she was "pushed out," echoing similar sentiments that she shared on Twitter on Sept. 26.

If you recall, a fan asked Leakes on Twitter if she would be getting her own spinoff show from Bravo, to which NeNe replied, “They don’t think I deserve to work at all in any [capacity].”

“It sound[s] like they forced you out!” another fan said, to which Leakes responded: “They definitely did.”

In her interview, Leakes said that it wasn't fair that she kept getting fewer and fewer appearances on the series prior to her departure.

"Something is very wrong with going from 18 or 23 episodes down to six ... In the last four to five years, it has been less and less," Leakes shared, adding that "Things just didn't feel fair."

Leakes also addressed calling Andy Cohen racist, Leakes said, "This is a conversation that he and I and people involved are going to have to deal with behind scenes. All I can do is take you back to one of my old sayings, 'I said what I said.' "

If you recall, NeNe tweeted on Sept. 27 that "The racist is the master manipulator! They using me for ratings like they have always done," of Cohen.

She also spoke out about her ongoing feud with Wendy Williams, who said during a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live that Leakes "likes attention."

"There are real feelings involved here. I would never just come out just saying anything just because I want attention," Leakes told Extra regarding Williams speaking about her exit on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal; Inset: The Wendy Williams Show