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Monique Samuels Claims She Asked Bravo To Release Her From Contract After Fight With Candiace Dillard!

Monique Samuels claims she tried to quit The Real Housewives of Potomac after her fight with Candiace Dillard.

"I requested that [Bravo] release me from my contract right after the fight, and we talked about it and they reassured me that whatever I needed to do that would make me feel comfortable they would oblige — and they did," Samuels told PEOPLE.

"I took the fight so seriously that I was like maybe I don't need to do this show. I have too much to lose," Samuels continued. "No one should be able to push me to a point of being physical."

Since the altercation, Samuels says she's spent a lot of time self-reflecting. "I spoke with my pastor. I ended up hiring a therapist. I just want people to know that this wasn't something I took lightly. I was very serious about getting the proper help so that nothing like this happens again. Everything was about self-reflection," Samuels said.

While Samuels apologized to her co-stars about her part of the fight, they weren't buying it.

"I felt like it wasn't about the fight. It wasn't about them being mad about Candiace and I being in a fight. It was like finally we can kick Monique down, finally we can get her out of this circle," Samuels said of her fellow Housewives' reactions.

"Wendy was the most shocking because she was the one — outside of Karen [Huger] and Ashley — that reached out to me and I thought it was sweet. We talked for two hours and she was understanding. She was like, 'I understand, you got egged on.' She said all of these things that made me feel she doesn't agree but understands. Then to see her flip the script, it was clear there was a conversation that changed her mind," Samuels said of Osefo.

"It's always an interesting thing when people try to generalize one person's actions and say it's representative of an entire group. If that's the case, we've all been in a position where we all haven't been the best role models. It just further shows who they are. Their closets are completely dirty," Samuels told PEOPLE about her costars.

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal