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Kelly Dodd Responds To Backlash For Wearing ‘Drunk Wives Matter’ Hat That Mocks Black Lives Matter And Defends Having A Bridal Shower With No Masks Or Social Distancing Amid Pandemic!

Kelly Dodd took to her Instagram Stories to respond to the backlash she received on social media after she shared a photo wearing a hat that says “Drunk Wives Matter” at her bridal shower, as the Real Housewives of Orange County star is set to tie the knot with Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal on October 10. 

The hat — a play on Black Lives Matter — did not sit well with many of her fans and slammed her on social media. Dodd revealed that the hat was a gift from a friend and was intended to be a joke.

Photo Credit: Kelly Dodd/Instagram

“It’s my bridal shower. I didn’t buy it. It was a joke,” Kelly explained in a video via her Instagram Stories. “Drunk Wives Matter. They kind of do. You know what? All lives matter. It was a joke and so people that can’t get a joke, go f*ck yourselves, okay?”

She added, “Go f*ck yourselves!”

Dodd also defended herself after she was slammed for having a bridal shower amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Dodd shared a series of photos of the celebration which showed none of the women wore protective face masks or socially distanced in the pictures. 

Kelly responded to fans who criticized her bridal shower for allegedly not following COVID-19 social distancing guidelines.

A user wrote, “No social distancing here no mask, haven't we learned yet? look at Trump and he's in the hospital.”

Dodd responded, “he's 74 and fat!!”

Another user chimed in and wrote, “what's that got to do with anything. He thought it couldn't happen to him. Get it?”

To which Dodd responded, “ok, you get sick and get better !!”

After another user called out Dodd for wearing the Drunk Wives Matter hat, calling it “wrong for even wearing it.”

Kelly responded, “It was a gist and a play on words !! Get a sense of humor !”

Another user wrote, “Looks like a great Covid party!”

Dodd replied, “no one is sick”

Another user wrote, “So much for social distancing @kellydodd.”

To which Kelly replied, “we aren't sick and not compromised.. get a clue.”

After another user slammed Kelly's hat, calling it “incredibly tone def,” Kelly wrote back, “lady it's a joke ! It's a play on words .. get a sense of humor !”

Another user wrote, “COVID super spreader even right here. Bravo ladies.”

Dodd wrote back, “we get tested and we are all healthy ! Thanks for caring .”

Another fan called out Dodd for having a bridal shower amid coronavirus, calling the celebration, “Tone def Covid soup fest.”

Dodd writes back, “none of us are sick and we all get tested and we are young and  healthy Karen !”

Another user wrote, “Wow, the ignorance is shocking, even for you!”

To which Dodd replied, “the ignorance of 99.98% survival rate per the cdc for our age range .. it's a super flu not a death sentence.. get a clue.”

An international user wrote, “No such thing as Covid in America then ?!! No masks no social distancing . This is not allowed in the UK.”

To which Dodd responded, “we live in a republican area everything is pretty much opened up just like Florida is opened up no masks required .. nyc is still shut down .. I feel so bad for the businesses for 99.5% survival rate .”

Photo Credit: Kelly Dodd/Instagram; Bravo/NBCUniversal