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Gina Kirschenheiter And Emily Simpson Share Their Thoughts On Bravo Fans Boycotting The Current Season Of ‘RHOC’ Over Kelly Dodd’s Controversial Comments; Gina Says “I Understand If They Want To Take A Stand”

Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson are sharing their thoughts on Bravo fans boycotting from watching The Real Housewives of Orange County over Kelly Dodd's insensitive comments about COVID-19 and for wearing 'Drunk Lives Matters' hat.

"I do think that if somebody really has been offended and feels that they've been victimized by something that she's said, I understand if they want to take a stand and they don't want to watch," Gina told  Entertainment Tonight. "She just can't get out of her own way. I don't agree with any of it, I don't like any of it."

"I do think that there are five other women here, and there [are] a lot of very important things happening to a lot of us and maybe you can just fast forward through her parts," she adds. Gina says, in Kelly's head, she's a comedian who can push buttons and cross boundaries, but notes that reality TV stardom doesn't really give you that sort of platform.

"She'll say anything for the joke," Gina adds, "but she doesn't understand she's not a comedian, she's just on a show where she's just a public figure and so, it's hard because I want to believe that she doesn't mean a lot of the stupid things that she says, but she says them."

"Hopefully this is a learning experience for her," she says with a shrug.

Emily Simpson also shares her thoughts on the topic. "I think Kelly is just Kelly, and I think she has a good heart and I think she's a good person and I think people are quick to jump on her and criticize her," Emily says in response to the backlash. "Kelly does say things that are insensitive and can be taken the wrong way, and I get that, but the thing about Kelly that makes her such a good reality star, per se, is the fact that she's completely unfiltered at all times."

"When she's on a show and she tells somebody off, and she's completely unhinged, people think it's amazing and call her a queen," she told Entertainment Tonight. "But when she's the same way about something going on in life, they don't like what she says. So, it's just… it's who she is. She's not going to be politically correct on one hand and then, like, outrageous on the show. She's always going to be outrageous."

Emily wishes the fans would spend less time digging into what the 'Wives are doing on social media and just enjoy the show for its entertainment value. "I think it’s a waste of time," she says of looking for things to attack the women over online. "I think people need to really take this time to focus on things that are positive, and their families and children, or friends or whatever."

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal