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Dana Wilkey Calls Out Taylor Armstrong For Not Acknowledging Their Friendship And Explains Why She Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Was The ‘Fakest’ Housewife During Her Time On RHOBH!

DanaWilkey took to Instagram to reveal that she’s “hurt” that Taylor Armstrong didn’t “acknowledge” their friendship during a recent interview she did with Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast. 

“So I just finished a yoga class and I’ve been debating whether I was going to make a video about this but I really feel like I need to so I’m gonna,” Dana began saying in the clip via Instagram. “I was listening to Bravo podcast last night, and I was really excited to hear Taylor Armstrong’s podcast that she did with Bravo, and I was listening to it about season two and her friendships.

“What was incredible to me is that she did not mention me at all on the podcast, in any way, like I never existed,” she continued. “What’s incredible about that is that I spent so much time behind the cameras with her at that time being so supportive to her difficult situation with Russell and trying to keep her safe and protected to the point that any chance I had as a Housewife, I gave up for our friendship.”

She added, “And the fact that she doesn’t acknowledge me breaks my heart.” 

In a separate post, Dana aka Pam responded to a fan who asked her who she thinks was the “fakest” housewife during her time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dana says: Lisa Vanderpump.

“I wanted to say that the person who was the fakest – I think – during my time on the show was Lisa Vanderpump, which is disappointing to a lot of you guys.”

She continued, “Actually Kyle Richards used to make fun of it, um, when the cameras were off. And it could be, that I think that, cause of Kyle, because when I first got on the show, Kyle told me a story how Lisa Vanderpump would ask the producers to reshoot a scene where she gets the key from Beverly Hills a few different times and ways and Kyle was making fun of it.”

Dana then does an impression of Kyle impersonating LVP. “Oh, let’s go do that again” and “You know I didn’t say it right this time,” so anyway, that would be during my time.”

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Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal