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Candiace Dillard Admits She’s Looking Forward To Address Her Fight With Monique Samuels At Upcoming RHOP Season 5 Reunion To Be “Able To Close That Book And Burn It” — Plus Candiace Explains Why She Has “No Interest In Having A Relationship” With Ashley Darby!

Candiace Dillard Bassett explains why she has no interest in having any type of relationship with Monique Samuels following their altercation. 

However, the "I See You" singer admits that she is only looking forward to addressing their issues at the upcoming Real Housewives of Potomac season five reunion.

"It's a lot of prayer and, you know, medication -- the flower kind, if that's possible," Candiace told Entertainment Tonight of facing Monique at the upcoming reunion taping. "It's not going to be easy. It's not going to be easy for me at all. I think the only reason that I'm even OK doing it is because there is a part of me that wants to, I think, laugh and be entertained by whatever version of this ordeal she will bring with her and just finally put it to bed."

"For me, the reunion would be that hard stop on this entire ordeal and I'll be able to close that book and burn it and move forward," she said. 

Candiace reveals that her future on the show is unknown at this time as no casting decisions have been made for season 6, but it’s likely that either Candiace or Monique won’t be back as she is refusing to ever film with Samuels again.

"That's none of my business," Candiace said. "I'm not an executive. I am Candiace Dominique Dillard Bassett and I can only do what's right and what's best for me, and what is best for my health, mental health and my safety -- and everyone understands why I would never want to work with someone like her again. A friendship is completely and utterly out of the question."

Dillard then offers Monique some words of advice: "It's in her best interest to have a seat and continue to work on herself. The way that she has conducted herself in this entire ordeal is less than savory, and that's putting it very kindly."

Candiace also sounds off on her issues with co-star Ashley Darby. "There isn't a whole lot I have to say about Ashley," Candiace told Entertainment Tonight. "She's not a person I have any interest in having a relationship with. I don't find her to be genuine. I don't find her to be someone who has a soul. She's just, she moves in a particular way that does not work for me. And I really have nothing to say about her. I wish her well, I suppose."

Dillard also teases what fans can expect about her and husband Chris Bassett's upcoming drama with Ashley and Michael Darby as teased in the mid-season trailer.

"Alcohol and perhaps other substances and crazy people don't mix," Candiace teases of the moment. "I don't want to give anything away, but certain people just should not be allowed to be around the group, and that's been proven time and time and time again."

"It's old," she adds, referencing Ashley's husband, Michael. "It's old, and it makes me feel sorry for Ashley, honestly, that she doesn't think she deserves better than someone like her husband. But that's her business."

However, Candiace says she can work with Ashley, unlike Monique. "Ashley is not someone that I fear for my safety around," she quips. "She's not someone who I'm so disgusted by that I can't be in the same room as her. I just have no interest in having a relationship with her. She's not my people, so that's Ashley. As far as the other person? Yes, she's in the ground."

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal