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Ampika Pickston Says She Was ‘Racially Abused’ By Dawn Ward And Claims She Made Her Life On RHOChehsire A “Living Nightmare” On And Off Camera; Ampika Urges ITVBe To Fire Dawn From The Show Amid Racial Harassment And Cocaine Possession Allegations!

Ampika Pickston is reacting to the allegations made against her Real Housewives of Cheshire co-star Dawn Ward, where she is been charged with racial harassment and possession of cocaine.

Pickston took to Instagram Stories to share her thoughts on the topic. While Ampika doesn’t mention Dawn’s name in the video, in obvious it’s about her due to being the only one changed with the alleged allegations.

Pickston claims in the video that working with Ward during her time on RHOCheshire was a “nightmare” as she alleges that Ward “racially abused me” and would make her life “a living nightmare” on and off camera, which resulted in her quitting the series. 

Ampika admits that she was “gloating” a bit after reading the article about Ward as “Karma is a bitch.” Check out Ampika’s reaction below!

“Hi guys, I’m so sorry to have to be a little gloating so-and-so tonight but I just want to say that there is a karma,” she began a video she shared via her Instagram Stories. 

“Three years ago – you guys know – I did a television show for almost three years, The Real Housewives of Cheshire and one of the main reasons why I left was because one specific cast member who racially abused me, who would make my life absolute living – well, it was like a living nightmare – on and off the camera,” Pickston alleges.

“And that person has finally had their justice served today. Magali, another one of my former cast members very kindly sent me an article where the person has been seen in their true colors – again – abusing someone at the train station with a possession of a Class A drug. It’s not sophisticated, it’s not fancy.”

“I sincerely hope that ITVBe [does] the rightful thing and ITV full stop - don’t allow people like you, with your nasty, vicious ways to be portrayed on TV some superstar, some hero because I think the article that just been released in the press about you just about sums you up. Just remember guys, if you think that there isn’t a karma, just remember, that every dog has its day and on this occasion, swipe up, read the article and pass judgment yourself. Thank you.”

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Photo Credit: NBCUniversal/Monkey/ITV