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Leilani Dowding Opens Up About Leaving The Real Housewives Of Cheshire!

Leilani Dowding FINALLY reveals why she quit The Real Housewives of Cheshire after just one season. If you recall, the former Page 3 model joined the ITVBe hit reality series' tenth season.

"I went into it because Billy and I were planning to move to Cheshire," she told the Daily Star. "I thought it would be really fun, I thought it was going to be about my real life and thought it would be good to show that side of me."

"I just didn't realize how much drama would be brought into my life," she explained.

Dowding then reveals why she walked away from the series. "The time was just really bad, we still hadn't found a house by the end of filming and I know a lot of it revolves around the home of the housewives."

"We just hadn't got the house and that's such a big part of it being able to film in your house," she continued. "Now we've found a new house, it's too late now but they've already done another season."

However, she later revealed that ITVBe told her that the door is open for her return, should she wish too.

"They've said I can come back at any time, they've left the door open and said 'keep in touch' but I just love a drama-free life."

Photo Credit: ITV/Monkey Kingdom