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Joanna Krupa Returns As Host And Head Judge Of ‘Poland’s Next Top Model’ — Watch The Official Season 9 Trailer Of ‘Top Model’ HERE!

Joanna Krupa is back searching for new aspiring female and male models in the hopes that one of them becomes Poland's Next Top Model. The Real Housewives of Miami alum returns to reprise her role as the head judge and host of the hit reality hit series.

The new season premiered last week, which was on Wednesday, September 2 at 21:30 on TVN. Check out the official press release and trailer below!

The Following Info is Courtesy via TVN 

"Top Model" is back! Joanna Krupa , Kasia Sokołowska , Marcin Tyszka and Dawid Woliński will once again sit on the jury to check if there will be anyone among the participants with a chance to repeat the success of Kasia Szklarczyk or Dawid Woskanian. All candidates will be supported by the reliable Michał Piróg .

This year, however, the situation is exceptional. For safety reasons, castings cannot yet take place in the largest cities in Poland. Anyone willing to participate in the program, however, will be able to take advantage of the opportunity of sending an application via the official website "Top Model". We started the first stage of casting under the slogan #CastingWDomu. In this way, all willing, despite the distance that separates them, can present themselves to the jurors and get a chance to participate in the program.

However, these are not all surprises! A silver ticket will be a novelty this season. From among all the submitted applications, each juror will choose the one that he likes the most, which will then be posted on the official website of the program. It will be up to the viewers and their votes which of the participants selected by the jury will receive a silver ticket, i.e. a place at the bootcamp stage. As in the previous season, the jurors will have the opportunity to present the selected person with a golden ticket and secure a place in the house of models and models.

"Top Model" - jurors, guests, awards
The judges in the well-known composition: Joanna Krupa - the chairman,  Katarzyna Sokołowska,  Marcin Tyszka, and Dawid Woliński, will closely observe and evaluate the struggles of all participants. Future models will always find comfort and support at  Michał Piróg.

Many special guests will appear in the program. The editors-in-chief of fashion magazines, well-known models and recognized photographers will share their valuable experience with the participants, but also evaluate them. The rules are adamant. In each episode, one person will say goodbye to their dreams of a career in the fashion world.

Who will become the ninth Top Model in Poland? One thing is certain - the winner has a contract with a modeling agency and a cover in the Glamor.

Photo Credit: Top Model/Instagram; TVN