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Hanna Kinsella Teases Possible Premiere Date Of New Season Of The Real Housewives Of Cheshire; Says “Everyone Is Back” For Season 12 “Except” Ester Dee!

Hanna Kinsella spilled the tea about the upcoming new season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The soon-mother-to-be shared details for season 12 during a recent Instagram Q&A live session.

“Housewives is back, in September,” Kinsella teased when asked when the series was returning to ITVBe for season 12. “I think it’s September, end of September.”

When asked which fellow Housewives are returning to the new season of the hit reality series, Hanna said: “Everyone’s back except our Ester Dee, um sad about that.”

She added, “We lost our crazy Czech girl, she’s gone.”

Last month, Dee officially announced her departure from the series after originally teasing her exit on social media after last season's virtual reunion aired.

Ester shared that she decided to leave after processing her priorities and admitted that she hadn’t been happy in the show for the last two series.

“I've enjoyed my time on the show and it was a great platform for me to start my TV career but I've changed and so have my priorities,” she told Cheshire Live.

She added: “I have no regrets about doing Housewives and I made some good friends but I'm not the same person as I was when I started and it's not right for me at the moment.”

Also, a longtime friend of the show, Christine McGuinness also announced her departure from the series after five seasons to focus on other television opportunities.

Photo Credit: Hannah Kinsella/Instagram