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Dana Wilkey Calls Out Camille Grammer For Denying She Made Out With Brandi Glanville During Season 2 Of RHOBH; Says “I Saw Camille Dirty Dancing With Brandi And Making Out With Her”

Dana Wilkey aka Pam calls out Camille Grammer for denying that she made out with Brandi Glanville during Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“Hey I wasn’t going to get on Instagram tonight but I have to tea.” Wilkey began on her video clip via Instagram post.

“So I was watching Twitter and I saw Camille talking to this chick on Twitter and she was saying ‘why are you defending Brandi because you Brandi exaggerated and said you guys made out in Season 2 when you went on there reunion and you said you didn’t.”

“Well, I must have missed that — I wasn’t on that part reunion, I was only on one part — I think they were three. And I didn’t know Camille said that because actually I saw Camille dirty dancing with Brandi and making out with her as I said on the podcast on my profile.”

“And I like escaped because I thought it was weird — just for me, okay? Because I didn’t want to make out with anyone.”

She added, “So that was that, so anyways. I just wanted to share that cause I thought, ‘why is Camille denying that?’ I didn’t know she denied that.” 

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Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal