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Cristy Rice Claims Adriana de Moura And Lea Black Would ‘Orchestrate’ Scenes On RHOM And Says Adriana Was “Mean And Very Spiteful” — Plus Cristy Calls Out Producers For Editing Her And Larsa Pippen To Look Like ‘Mean Girls’ On The Show!

Cristy Rice recently spilled major tea about her time on the first season of The Real Housewives of Miami during an appearance on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

The Cuban Rice swimwear CEO and designer also revealed which co-stars planned scenes and created storylines for the Bravo hit reality series.

“It’s weird,” Rice said. “Season one, Adriana [de Moura] and Lea [Black] were like the tag team. Lea obviously had the clout. Because it was like the story, true or not, I don’t know.”

“But then Lea would talk to the producers and talk to everybody in that everything went how she wanted it,” Rice continued. “In order for that to happen, you actually have the care and make that extra phone call. And those are the things that I know I never did. And I don’t think Larsa [Pippen] did either. Like we just didn’t care.”

According to Cristy, she and Larsa went with the flow while Black and de Moura were working behind the scenes with producers.

“They kind of like orchestrated, ‘It’s going to be like this’ and like they would plan,” she told podcast host David Yontef. “‘Okay, today, you’re going to say this and you’re going to talk her.’ Like, it was crazy. It was crazy.”

“They tried to make Larsa and I into the mean girls,” she conitnued. “You know how they say if you go to war with somebody that has nothing to lose, you’ve already lost the war. Yeah. Well, I had nothing to lose. I had no skeletons in my closet. I’m like Eminem whatever you’re going to say to me, I said it first.”

“So, here’s, the microphone, what are you going to say now?” she said. “Because I’ve already said it. Like I owned anything and everything that I had in my life and, and really there was not much. So I was more there because I thought this was going to be like organic fun.”

Rice went to share how Adriana tried to attack her while filming RHOM, including the infamous live reunion. “And again, Adriana’s purpose was just to be like, I mean, I don’t know,” Rice continued. “She just was like mean and very spiteful. Like she would do things behind your back, tricky, things like that. And she had her purpose and she carried it all the way through to the live reunion where she tried to attack me.”

Rice calls out production for the way she and Larsa were edited on the show. “Again, my role, when they edited the show or the role that they gave Larsa and I was basically like the mean girls,” she added. “And Larsa was [painted to be] kind of like snobby, like throwing the whole story about the nannies and all that,” she said. “Like if she thought she was better than everybody and all that. That’s like how they proceeded [on] her on editing. And then me, kind of like, I don’t care.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal