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Venus Behbahani-Clark Introduces Her Baby Boy Izak For The First Time — See Pics Here!

Venus Behbahani-Clark has introduced her baby boy, Izak Nicky Clark, for the first time after giving birth to him in June. The former Real Housewives of Melbourne star took to her Instagram Stories to share video clips and photos of the adorable baby boy.

“Hello world! Meet my happy little boy Izak. He is a delightful character and we love him very much,” she captioned the video. “To be honest, I wasn’t going to post him just yet but so many of you have requested to see him – constantly asking what or who he looks like – so here is he is! At 2 months old. I will post some newborn pic of him shortly.”

She added, “His eyes are not dark but don’t know why in pics and videos they come up so dark.”

The mother-of-three then shared a couple of throwback photos of Izak days after he was born. Venus shared a beautiful photo of the baby boy when he was eight days old.

She captioned the photo, “Turn back time to some of Izak’s newborn images (8 days old) we are designing his newborn album with @pitter_patter_portraits.”

She continued, “Ellie from @pitter_patter_portraits has photographed my 3 kids as newborns and I love the sentimental value of one photographer capturing all my children. She is brilliant.”

After Venus gushed about her photographer’s great work, she shared another photo of baby Izak, where he appears to be resting looking adorable with the caption, “Izak 8 days old captured by the one and only Ellie from: @pitter_patter_portraits.”

Venus welcomed a baby boy with her husband, James Nicholas Clark, on May 29. The former Foxtel reality star is also the mother to two young daughters, Giselle, (10), and Sophia (6) from a previous relationship.

“Giving birth during a global pandemic will always seem a bit surreal to me,” she wrote on Instagram at the time of her son's birth. “Family and friends still haven't met or held my son but I'm grateful for the healthy/cheeky baby we have been blessed with.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images