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Tamra Judge Says ‘Real Housewives: All Stars’ Is ‘In The Works’ But Bravo ‘Had To Shut It Down’ Due To COVID-19 Pandemic!

Tamra Judge revealed that an All-Stars edition of The Real Housewives franchise is in the works. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star shared the news during an Instagram Live chat with Instagram page, Faces By Bravo.

‘Would you ever do a Real Housewives: All-Stars, like if you guys would go on a trip, like Bravo would put people from all different like..,” Faces Of Bravo asked Judge.

To which Judge responded, “Well, they are doing that.”

“Yeah they are doing that. They started casting right before COVID hit and I know a few people that were casted and then they had to shut it down because – obviously – you can’t travel.”

She added, “So I know it’s in the works – but who knows with COVID - everything it’s put on hold.”

On Agusut 15, Bravo hinted the idea via Twitter by asking viewers the following question:

“If we were to hypothetically strand 7 Housewives on a deserted island and film it, who should we cast? Hypothetically,” the network tweeted.

In June 2016, Andy Cohen, who is an executive producer of the franchise as well as the host of its reunion specials, prevoiusly commented about a potential All-Stars edition.

“You know what? We will do Real Housewives: All Stars when the show is just about out of gas,” Cohen told Entertainment Tonight at that time. “So right now we had our second highest season of Beverly Hills, New York’s highest ratings since 2012, and Orange County, last season had it's highest rated season in 10 seasons.”

“So, we are nowhere near the point where we need to put eight of them on an island,” Cohen joked, adding that a Below Deck-style boat adventure is a possibility, too.

“We will, and I can't wait to do it,” Cohen added. “But it's going to be at the end of the line … We'll do it at the end. It's something that we don't waste now. We want to save it for later.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal