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Krissy Marsh Reveals The Unaired Scene That Almost Made Her Quit The Real Housewives Of Sydney!

Krissy Marsh recalls the time when she almost walked away from The Real Housewives of Sydney after her family was dragged into the show's drama.

Marsh revealed on the Back From Reality podcast that she tried to get out of her contract when a co-star spoke about her husband and children on camera.

"There was one point in the show when I basically quit," Krissy said, according to the Daily Mail Australia

"Every reality contestant gets a psychological test. So they knew what my triggers and my button were, and that was my family."

Krissy decided that she was "out" from the show after a co-star supposedly went too far by speaking about her family.

After learning what had happened, Krissy took a stand and convinced some of her co-stars to walk off set with her.

"[Producers] said, "Why are you quitting the show?" and I said, "Because my five minutes of fame isn't worth what could affect my children for a lifetime,"' she said.

Producers convinced her to stay on the show after they removed the footage where her family was mentioned.

After the reality show began airing, Krissy claimed she was 'trolled' by the people in her own social circles.

"I was trolled, but it was actually by people I knew," she said. "The whole production company had prepared you for being trolled and what to do and what not to say, but not by people you knew."

Photo Credit: Foxtel