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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Has A Message For Her Online Haters; Says “Find Jesus, Find Some F—ing Positivity In Your Life, Stop Being F—ing Nasty”

Kim Zolciak-Biermann took to her Instagram Stories to share a message to her haters for leaving negative comments on her social media pages. The Don't Be Tardy star clapped back at trolls who accuse her of having work done to her face during quarantine.

"So you b****es could only behave for, I don't know, a week on my Instagram? Listen, I live a f***ing dream, great husband, healthy amazing kids, I'm f***ing healthy, three successful companies, my own TV show."

"I don't really give a f*** if you think that my face looks "altered," because I wanna know who the f*** is getting an altered face during quarantine, sweetie."

"I wanna know who the f*** is getting an altered face when they're on blood thinner. Please tell me a plastic surgeon that's gonna touch my face. Please. If you find one, let me f***ing know," she continued.

"Anyway bitter b****es, listen: find Jesus, find some f***ing positivity in your life, stop being f***ing nasty. Cause some of you are f***ing ugly, like for real. And it's often the ugly ones that are "Christ lovers," that comment nasty s*** on my page. I just wanted to share that."

She also praised her fans who leave her love and positivity on her page.

"For all of you guys who are so positive, so encouraging, you make me laugh, you make me cry, I want to say thank you for bringing more positivity in this world because I feel like we can all use a little bit more positivity."

She then continued to call out online trolls who attack others on social media.

"I really want you f***ers to think when you leave a nasty comment on somebody’s page how that would make you feel. I’m strong, right? I’ve been in this business 13 years. I’m a very strong-minded person. But you can truly affect someone with your bulls***. So, stop! There’s no need to spread negativity."

She concluded by showing her fans some love. "Thank you to all my sweet, amazing fans that support me day in and day out - you do not go unnoticed."

Photo Credit: Courtesy via Kim Zolciak-Biermann/Instagram