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Karen Huger Throws Shade At RHOP Co-Stars Gizelle Bryant And Wendy Osefo On Twitter Following Latest Episodes Of RHOP — Wendy Claps Back!

Karen Huger took to Twitter to call out her Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars Gizelle Bryant and new cast member Dr. Wendy Osefo during a live viewing Twitter party called #RHOPWatchParty in celebration of the new season, which kicked off this week.

The self-proclaimed Grande Dame called out Bryant for discussing the alleged rumor on-camera about the alleged cheating rumor former cast member Charrisse Jordan-Jackson said about Monique Samuels.

Huger tweeted, "Gizelle-S1 you drag Charrise and her family .  Then Ashley’s and her’s. Next  you attempt to drag me and mine.  Then Candiace.  Now you’ve moved on to Monique and her’s with your twisted lies.  Shame on you.  You’re incapable oh truly being happy for most of your #RHOPWatchParty"

Karen then called out new cast member Dr. Wendy Osefo for claiming that she always introduces herself and pretends that she has never met her before. 

She tweeted, "What do you mean. I act like I’ve never met you. I just said hello to you at Candice’s party last night..  I met you briefly on the carpet and  heard your voice a few times during phone conversations  when we briefly served on the same board. So far #notimpressed #RHOPWatchParty"

However, Osefo clapped back at Huger, "I wouldn’t be impressed with a young, educated BLACK woman, raising her young BLACK boys in today’s America if I were you as well.I should stop speaking out against injustices against BLACK people and start selling perfume. It makes sense your name is “Karen” #RHOPWatchParty"

Huger, however, responded back and tweeted the following, "WAY TOO SOON FOR THE KAREN MOVE LOL!!  Slow it down slow it," she wrote.

Karen added, "Well, hello again Wendy.! CLASSY dinner ice breaker. Why does my sex life concern you any who? #rude #notimpressed #RHOPWatchParty"

What are your thoughts? Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo