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Ester Dee And Nicole Sealey Reignite Feud On Instagram!

Ester Dee called out her former Real Housewives of Cheshire co-star Nicole Sealey on Instagram after she shared a clip of Sealey and her husband Joe Sealey's podcast, A Husband and a Housewife, where she appeared to throw some shade at Dee.

In the clip, Joe bring up Ester, to which Nicole simply says "That's all she's used to is dance."

Along with the clip, Ester captioned the post, "That's why I am not on a show no more! I cannot work with negative jealous people! Please do not comment no more on [my] poor soul," she wrote. "You put women down! Wow. We should stick together."

She added, "Fake fake fake #womanpower??????????????? Be Real, love not hate 🙏"

However, Ester and Nicole went back and forth in the comment section of Dee's Instagram post.

After a user wrote, "Women should empower other women, not tear them down, she's obviously JEALOUS because you lift other females up."

Ester responded, "I only posted this bcs I want her to realize it, I do not enjoy hatey comments."

Another fan wrote, "She has zero personality... Unlike you... Enough said xxx"

To which Ester wrote back, "Just shocked, why me again?"

Then, another fan wrote, "I agree with you, no one needs negativity in their life, this is just a spiteful comment [Nicole Sealey] you shouldn't be pulling women down like this!"

However, Nicole addressed the clip and revealed that it was simply a joke. However, she made it clear that the "dancer" comment was due to Ester's TikTok videos.

"It was a joke she dances on [tiktok] all the time I don't see what's wrong with that," Nicole wrote. "Sorry [if] that offended you I wish I could dance like her if I'm honest."

However, Ester responded to Nicole and simply wrote, "Not nice."

Nicole fired back, "I actually don't see what was wrong with this you have danced all through lock down on [TikTok] too every day how is this mean I also said I was a crap dancer sorry if I offended you."

To which Ester wrote back, "When I saw you yesterday, you barely looked at me. I felt the dislike but please do not talk about me and my dancing ( you wanted to say stripping, in my view)."

Nicole responded to Dee by writing, "I wasn't referring to that and I have no issue regarding that and I said hello to you. You were chatting [with] Tanya but ok I'm not getting into this I've said if you took it the wrong way I apologize."

Nicole made it clear that her "dancing" comment was about Dee's TikTok videos.

Nicole asked Dee, "Also have you bothered to apologize to me for recent event or explain?," she wrote. "Although the two things are separate you are far from perfect and I straight away apologized for causing any offense that's the difference."

Ester continued telling Nicole, "Why are you talking about me? Surely you dislike me."

Nicole clapped back, "I've apologised already."

Ester fired back and wrote, "You hurt me second time, 'sorry' cannot make it ok as you keep doing it,I wish you loads of love and health but I am out."

Many fans of Dee came to her defense and slammed Sealey, accusing her of not supporting other women about her dancing comment.

One fan, who defended Ester, wrote: "You should be ashamed of urself women are suppose to build each other up not backstab !!!"
Nicole responded, "I really don't see what's wrong with saying this she has danced every day in lockdown so used to dancing again I said I wish I could dance like it but again sorry if I offended."

However, one user came to Nicole's defense and called out Ester for sharing the clip and allowing her fans to attack Sealey. "[Ester] by you sharing this little snippet, look at all the hate that's been generated towards [Nicole] and her husband. You could've dealt with it privately. No one deserves this public attack."

Ester responded, "She attacked me 2nd time, I want her to see it, do not enjoy or like nasty remarks in any form."

After one user called out Nicole for not genuinely apologizing to Ester, Nicole teased an upcoming incident between the two for the show's upcoming Season 12. "I've apologized I think with tuning in to the show as I think her recent behavior was far worse and I don't believe I received an apology at all as I said it was an [off] the cuff comment that I have apologized for."

Who's side are you siding with? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: ITV