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Charrisse Jackson Jordan Slams Monique Samuels On Twitter Following Latest Episode Of RHOP; Says “I’m Not Thinking About You And Your Lies Boo” — Plus Charrisse Claims It Was Monique’s Best Friend The One ‘Spreading Those Rumors’ About Her!

Charrisse Jackson Jordan recently threw shade at Monique Samuels on Twitter amid their ongoing feud following a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac.

"I am so happy that @iammrssamuels is no longer crying about her bird running away and has gone on Live to talk about me," she wrote. "I'm not thinking about you or your lies boo. You'll fool some but the truth always prevails . @BravoTV"

If you recall, Monique revealed on the show that Charrisse spread rumors about her that affects her family, while she refused to share details about the rumor.

However, Gizelle Bryant shared on the show's recent episode that word on the street was that Samuels was allegedly cheating on her husband with her trainer, which Monique denies.

But according to Charrisse, she claims that it was Monique's "best friend" that was spreading those alleged rumors.

"Actually... that was your BEST friend that was spreading those rumors. I couldn't care less," she tweeted.

She added, "Apparently I'm trying to "stay relevant" seems like I'm living in heads RENT FREE since my name keeps coming up."

Photo Credit: Bravo/NBCUniversal