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Yolanda Hadid Denies Claims She Hid Ghislaine Maxwell At Her Pennsylvania Farmhouse, Gigi Hadid Weighs In And Comes To Her Mom’s Defense!

Yolanda Hadid and her supermodel daughter Gigi Hadid are shutting down claims that the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star hid Ghislaine Maxwell at her Pennsylvania farmhouse following her controversial arrest.

Cosmopolitan UK reported that Dutch journalist Henk Van Ess posted a thread on Twitter with claims that he had been tracking Ghislaine via her IP address. The journalist claimed that Ghislaine went to a donut shop near Yolanda’s Pennsylvania farm in addition to claiming that Ghislaine is a friend of the Hadid family. He also claimed that he reached out to Yolanda for a comment, according to a report by Reality Tea.

“My mom, clearly from her timeline, almost never uses the twitter app.. this was only brought to her attention by me bc fans were sending me your tweets. She wouldn’t have seen your tweets & can not go back in twitter mentions that far…,” Gigi tweeted.

Gigi continued, “In your tweet above you claim that you also emailed my mom- but the only email she has from you is from 5:11am EST this morning, so in your tweet, almost 24 hrs ago, claiming that you have contacted her, you had not yet even sent an email.”

Yolanda shared a screenshot of the DMs between her and the Dutch reporter, which was actually just blank with zero messages.

She tweeted, “I just checked our DM’s to see where you could have contacted me for a comment before making such terrible accusations, and you’ve never sent me a message- see screenshot. You have, in fact, never asked for an official comment, but here it is:”

“I do not know or have ever associated with Ghislaine– the first time I have heard about her or any of this was watching the documentary, like the rest of the world, on Netflix - ”

Yolanda continued, “which became an in depth dinner conversation with my family in which we all discussed how it’s possible that this woman was not already in jail ..?! I have been strictly quarantined with my family, as my daughter is pregnant and is at high risk for catching the virus.”

Yolanda said she “just learned in the past couple days, via the press- like everyone else, that GM was arrested in New Hampshire, which is multiple states away from where I live.”

She tweeted, “So, I’m not sure how I have been brought into this narrative of yours, but I take these false claims very seriously. Please stop involving me. What that lady did is disturbing and she deserves to be in jail for a long time.”

Yolanda added, “Like I previously said, I do not know Ghislane. No. She was not at our farm that date or ever.”

According to the New York Post, Maxwell was arrested by federal authorities last week and hit with a six-count indictment for sex trafficking and perjury.

Photo Credit: Getty Images