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Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Gia Giudice Reveals She Got A Nose Job!

Gia Giudice, the daughter of Teresa Giudice, revealed that she underwent a rhinoplasty procedure. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star announced the news via Instagram on Friday, July 17, posting a photo of herself and her mom.

“Yes, I got a nose job. Yes, I’m swollen,” she captioned the pic, while praising plastic surgeon, Dr. Geoffrey Tobias, according to Us Weekly. “Thank you so much, @drtobiasnyc. I’m absolutely in love with it😍 .”

Gia added, “I am an adult now. This has been an insecurity of mine for a while and I’ve never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!”

Teresa showed support for Gia’s decision in the comment section of her Instagram post. “Couldn’t be more proud of you,” the Bravo reality star wrote. “You are beautiful inside and out. Love you to infinity and beyond ❤️ .”

Earlier this month, Teresa's co-star Dolores Catania revealed that she underwent liposuction and tummy tuck. “I found the most amazing doctor in Maryland, Dr. Joseph Michaels,” she told Us Weekly on the publication's “Hot Hollywood” podcast.

“I’ve been up and down with my weight and my elasticity on my skin has gotten shot and well, I’m not going to kill myself over this because it is what it is, but I eat McDonald’s, I didn’t work out for a long time and whatever. … I looked at his Instagram and I almost fell off my couch. It was insane. His before and afters are like nothing I’ve ever seen almost to the fact I thought it was fake!”

The mother-of-two revealed that she was Mr. Michaels’ first appointment after his practice was allowed to reopen amid the pandemic one month ago, and admits that her recovery hasn’t been easy.

“I want to say, ‘Oh my God, go get it,’ because I want everybody to go to this guy because he’s so good,” she said. “Anybody whose doing this should go to him, even though it was a four-hour drive for me. It’s not easy and I’m tough. It’s not my first rodeo with plastic surgery, but this one was a little rough.”

Catania added that she got liposuction on the same day as her tummy tuck procedure. “He did a little fat transfer. So, he took some lipo, he did my back and then he took some of the fat from my back and he made my butt rounder,” she shared.

Photo Credit: Instagram