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RHOV’s Ronnie Negus Reveals She Removed Her Lip Fillers — Find Out Why!

Ronnie Negus took to Instagram to reveal that she removed her lip fillers. The Real Housewives of Vancouver alum shared with her followers that she has since "gotten most of the substance out" but is happy to reveal that she's "back to the old natural me."

"My Lips 💋 I had to have over 10 micro surgeries on my lips to remove a substance I put in them 16 years ago to make them bigger and fuller ...What a nightmare !! I was younger and naive and thought it was a good idea at the time. I Have gotten most of the substance out but Ive still got a few scars & few little remaining lumps and bumps. All I can say is that It’s been a journey and almost impossible to fully eradicate."

"It was really hard to find a doctor who would help me because so many were afraid that they could really disfigure my lips. I finally found someone in Italy and then Eventually in Beverly Hills who said I will help you and we will do this slowly. During the second season of the Real Housewives people kept thinking I was injecting my lips to oblivion when In fact my immune system was attacking the permanent filler," she continued. "I remember reading so many articles about me saying her lips look so painful ... why does she keep injecting them! The only thing that somewhat painful were the comments, but I wasn’t ready to talk about it until now."

She concluded, "I'm finally back to the old natural me! I hope that by sharing this I am able to help other people who have had similar experiences or who are considering permanent filler. In my humble opinion please stay away from them and take it from someone who’s been there ...Learn to Love your “Authentic Self” and never let anyone dull your SpArKle✨ 💋"

In the comment section of Negus' post, a fan wrote, "Doesn’t it hurt your feelings when they accuse you of injecting your lips 👄 and you don’t wanna talk about it!@ronniestevenson."

To which Ronnie replied, "it did a bit at one time."

In 2013, Slice confirmed that they were putting RHOV "on hiatus" despite pulling strong television ratings for the network, which they later canceled the series after two successful seasons.

Since the show ended, Ronnie has made a major transformation as she has since been sober. In December, she celebrated four years of sobriety.

Negus has kept in touch with former co-stars Amanda Hansen, Ioulia Reynolds, Robin Reichman, and Reiko MacKenzie. Earlier this year, Ronnie and Mary Zilba revealed that they rekindled their friendship and put their past issues from the show behind them. Ronnie also reunited with Christina Kiesel in January 2020 as the two were spotted dining together and shared photos of them together on social media.

Photo Credit: Slice