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Patti Stanger Admits She Misses Being On Bravo And Reveals She Would Like To Join The ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise; Says “I Think It Would Be Fun”

Patti Stanger admits she misses being on Bravo and reveals she would love to join a Real Housewives series if she had the opportunity. The Millionaire Matchmaker star made this revelation during an appearance on Vicki Gunvalson’s podcast, Whoop It Up with Vicki.

Stanger told Gunvalson that she’s mourning after being let go from The Real Housewives of Orange County after fourteen seasons while discussing the OG of the OC’s exit.

“You are grieving a death,” Stanger told Gunvalson, according to Cheat Sheet. “You are the original Housewife of Bravo. What happened to you at Bravo is grief. It’s heavy on your heart, heavy on Tamra’s [Judge] heart.”

Stanger admitted that she felt the same way as Gunvvalson after she ditched Bravo for WEtv.

“I had the same thing when I left,” she says. “I didn’t get fired but I left and now I kind of regret it.”

“I’ve told Bravo this,” she continued. “I regret it. I loved Mark the president of WEtv, but it was not the right choice for me at that network. And I regret it and I had grief over it that I shouldn’t have left Bravo because it was our … because we were the original network for reality.”

Gunvalson then told Stanger that the network is done with you once you leave. “When they’re done with you, they’re done with you,” she said. “There’s no how are you doing? They cut you, you’re done.”

Stanger then shared that she would like to return to Bravo but not with her own show - but as a housewife.

“And I said, ‘Yes!'” Patti said that she’s always been asked by the press if she would ever be open to becoming a Housewife. “They would go, ‘You would actually step down from your show?’ I said, ‘Yes!’ Because I’ve never been in an ensemble show and I think it would be fun.”

“But you know Patti, it went down a slippery slope,” Gunvalson told Stanger. “And it got more conflict, more aggravation. Just really dark.” However, Stanger says the trajectory of reality television has changed. “Look at what Stassi [Schroeder] did,” Stanger said. “I think what they did was reprehensible, Bravo did the right thing and Jax [Taylor] is now under scrutiny and Kelly [Dodd] is under scrutiny. Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules was fired from the network for past racist actions against another cast member.”

“They did the right thing, but it’s a slippery slope,” Stanger continued. “In the cancel culture, you gotta do the right thing. You still realize you are not the boss. They are the boss. They get to tell you what to do. And it’s very hard especially when you are on a team.”

Photo Credit: WEtv