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Melissa Gorga Says ‘The Time Has Passed’ For Her To Have More Kids With Husband Joe Gorga!

Melissa Gorga says that she no longer wants to have more kids with her husband, Joe Gorga, despite revealing she was freezing her eggs earlier this year. “Just having to homeschool even another child [in quarantine] would make me want to say no, I can tell you that,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star told Us Weekly.

“I think we were really deep into, like, leaning towards yes for a minute. I think it’s just, like, the time has passed. I feel like we’re in a spot where I’m like, ‘OK, let me just, like, be happy with what I have.’ I have three healthy children.”

In February, Melissa revealed on The Wendy Williams Show that she was “in the process” of freezing her eggs “just in case” the duo decided to try for another baby.

However, Melissa admitted that she and her husband were “really contemplating” having a fourth child. However, the-mother-of-three said that many people “talked” them out of it. She claimed that the “ship has sailed” on that front.

Melissa also noted how she’s “thrown” herself “hard” into motherhood thus far, but that she is ready to focus on other aspirations. “I feel like, you know what, I’ve done that. I accomplished that. I have three healthy kids. Thank God,” she told Us Weekly. “It’s like, now I’m at [a] time where I can actually work and be successful and have my own thing. So it’s like … I think I’m good.”

Melissa and Joe are the parents of three children: Antonia (14), Gino (12), and Joey (9).

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