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Kim Zolciak-Biermann Tells ‘Miserable’ Fans ‘NOT’ To Comment About Her Husband And Kids In A ‘Negative Fashion’ On Her Instagram Page; Says “LET’S STOP WITH THE BULLS—T”

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has a message to say to her online haters. The mother-of-six shared a picture with husband Kroy Biermann and their two youngest children during a beach trip, and the Don't Be Tardy star joked that she is never lucky enough to be in a picture with her kids.

She admitted that she's usually the one who takes the photos, Kim revealed she was sharing the picture on social media because she was "stoked" to have a picture with her family, but demanded fans "not comment about my kids negatively" nor her husband or her "frizzy beach hair," according to The Sun.

"I wonder if my kids will remember me because I never get photos with them 🙈 A nice gentleman was walking by and offered to take a pic and I was stoked!! Lol," she wrote.

Kim tells fans not to comment negatively about her kids or her husband.

"Here’s what we are NOT going to do today ✋ YES YOU .. (the one reading this) We are NOT going to comment about MY KIDS negatively, We are NOT going to make a comment about MY HUSBAND in a negative fashion, and WE will not be talking about my frizzy beach hair 🤪 But for real!!!!!! LETS STOP WITH THE BULLSHIT of saying stupid shit and try NOT commenting anything at all OR how about something positive!" she continued. "I focus on what I do want in my life NOT what I don’t want BUT for some of you ... well you just don’t get it and you wonder why you are miserable!!"

She added, "WHAT YOU GIVE OUT YOU GET BACK DOUBLE 💕 #StopBeingAnAss #SpreadPositivity #ILoveMyLife"

Photo Credit: Instagram