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Heather And Terry Dubrow’s 16-Year-Old Daughter Max Comes Out As Bisexual!

Heather Dubrow praised her “beautiful, hilarious, amazing” daughter Max after she came out as bisexual via social media. The 16-year-old teenager shared two photos of herself on Instagram with a Pride flag while addressing her sexuality.

“I always knew i was bi, i just thought it was bipolar,” Max wrote as Pride Month concluded.

In the comment section of the post, her parents praised their daughter for coming out.

“Love you my baby,” Heather wrote while Max simply responded, “love you!!!”

Dr. Terry Dubrow also shared his support for his daughter. He wrote in the comments, “Proud of you. You do the DNA so well.”

Max, whose real name is Maximillia, simply replied, “i know.”

In addition to Max, Heather and Dubrow share three other children: son Nicholas, also 16, and daughters Katarina, 13, and Collette, 9. They have been married since 1999.

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram