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Garcelle Beauvais Explains Why She Unfollowed Lisa Rinna After ‘Intense’ RHOBH Season 10 Virtual Reunion Taping; Says “S—t Happens”

Garcelle Beauvais is sharing an update on her current relationship with Lisa Rinna following the dramatic Season 10 reunion taping of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “S—t happens. Things go down,” she told Us Weekly’s “Hot Hollywood” podcast.

“[The reunion] was intense, and you know why you’re there, and everything’s being brought up, things that you may have forgotten, things like that. And everybody’s on high alert, it was like code orange. … It’s a long day. It’s a 13-hour-day, and obviously, we did it virtually, so that adds another thing to it, but it was just heated. It was a lot.”

She continued: “I didn’t know what to expect. … It’s different watching it at home, and you’re eating snacks and watching it and you’re not involved in it.”

The newcomer unfollowed Rinna after the reunion filmed on July 16, but Garcelle shares her reasons as to why she decided to unfollow Lisa.  She believes Rinna was  “without question” too hard on Denise during the season.

“I felt like [Denise] was being hit hard all the time and I felt like it was hard, time after time, after time,” Garcelle told Us. “At some point, you have to believe someone’s truth or just go, ‘OK’ and move on, but it wasn’t that way. I just felt like they were too harsh on her.”

As for her own friendship with Rinna, Garcelle added, “I wouldn’t say it’s over. But we’re not going to have any sleepovers anytime soon.”

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