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Brandi Glanville Explains The Real Reason She Didn’t Attend RHOBH Season 10 Reunion And Says That She Will “Sit Down Separately” With Andy Cohen For A ‘One-On-One’ Special!

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were shocked to learn that Brandi Glanville didn't attend the reunion taping for season 10 after she hinted that she was in fact going to be part of the special, where she was going to share her side in the Denise Richards drama.

“Production called me the day of the reunion,” Brandi told Celeb Magazine. “We both mutually agreed that it was best if I didn’t attend the reunion.”

The mother-of-two then shared the reason why it was decided for her not to attend the taping.

“They wanted the other women to hash out their differences without me being there,” she shared. “Had I been there, I would have been the Camille [Grammer] of the last reunion. I would come in at the end of the reunion and then I would end up being the focal point even though I wasn’t a full-time cast member.”

She continued, “The women needed to hash out their differences and air their grievances with what went on in the season as it pertained to full-time cast members.”

She added, “I will be doing a one-on-one with Andy Cohen separately from the ladies.”

Glanville then shared more details about the topic in the latest episode of her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered.

“So, I was set to do the reunion yesterday with all the ladies,” Glanville said on her podcast, according to PEOPLE. “I had the tech rehearsal and everything and y'all know — I don't cancel, I don't run away. I'm just not a coward.”

Glanville said that she “got a call from production” at the last minute.

“We just talked about how I was feeling and how the [Housewives] were feeling and we honestly came to a mutual decision that instead of going to the reunion — as I was set to do — I would sit down separately with Andy and do more of a one-on-one.”

Glanville shared that “[producers] just didn't want what happened last year where Camille [Grammer] came on at the end and everyone piled on Camille and Camille went crazy.”

Glanville said when she thought about it she “absolutely” agreed that this was the best decision.

“How much better would it be for me to just sit down with Andy and talk and not have to fight because at this point, I'm done. I really want to put this behind me and move forward,” Glanville said.

“So, I'm good, we're all good. I really had a sense of relief,” she continued.

Glanville shared that “at the end of the day” she was the one who was “hurt” by Denise and not any of the other women and there was really no "point” in her being at the reunion.

“It's not their fight,” Glanville said of the other Housewives.

“I shared it, but it's my fight and at this point, I'm starting to feel sorry for Denise. Let this be between her and I,” she added.

Photo Credit: Bravo