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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Is Set To Begin Filming For Season 11 On July 20; “Everyone’s Feeling Excited And Ready To Go,” Sources Say!

According to a new report, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is set to resume filming on July 20, after production was halted in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. A source close to production reveals what viewers can expect from the show's upcoming eleventh season.

“Teresa’s new storyline will be all about moving forward and moving on with her life, and a large focus of the show will be about how amazing she’s doing,” an insider told HollywoodLife.

“You will definitely see her dating and she’s expressed she’s starting to feel ready. She’d like to find someone eventually to settle down with who’s older. The other ladies story lines are still being figured out. The show will heavily revolve around her during season 11,” the insider shared.

The source also added that “all the ladies” will be returning for season 11. “The network is toying with the idea of adding someone else, but since they weren’t even one full week into filming, they haven’t decided yet. Some of them hadn’t even filmed together and very few scenes had been filmed,” the source explained. “They are talking to a few women though to see if they’d mesh, but it’s looking like the same ladies from next season only.”

The source added, “The network doesn’t want to take any chances on starting earlier than that, but everyone’s feeling excited and ready to go. They got the call about filming this week.”

Photo Credit: Bravo