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Stassi Schroeder Loses Endorsement Deals After Past Faith Stowers Comments Resurface!

Stassi Schroeder is losing endorsement deals after an incident resurfaced where she and Vanderpump Rules co-star Kristen Doute called the cops on their former cast member Faith Stowers.

Shaving brand Billie confirmed via Us Weekly that it is “ending all partnerships with anyone who isn’t supporting the fight against racism, including Stassi.”

Vitamin company Ritual told its customers that it has also parted ways with Schroeder.

“We were not aware of these actions (which is unacceptable on our part),” the company tweeted on Friday, June 5. “We have ended the partnership and will be doing more thorough diligence going forward.”

The news comes after Stowers recalled on a recent Instagram Live with Floribama Shore’s Candace Rice, according to Us Weekly when Stassi and Kristen Doute made shocking accusations against her in 2018.

“[What] made me really want to run for the hills, when Kristen and Stassi decided they were going to call the cops on me,” Stowers told Rice, noting that she was “invited” back to the series to tell her side of the story, but declined after hearing Schroeder on The Bitch Bible podcast. “There was this article on Daily Mail where there was an African American lady. It was a weird photo, so she looked very light-skinned and had these different, weird tattoos. They showcased her, and I guess this woman was robbing people. And they called the cops and said it was me. This is like, a true story. I heard this from actually Stassi during an interview.”

She added: “It was just funny, because they thought it was me because it was a black woman with a weave. So they just assumed it would be me, and they called the cops on me.”

According to Reality Tea, Schroeder discussed how she and Doute had called the police to report Stowers in an April 2018 interview on The Bitch Bible podcast. The episode has since been taken down.

Schroeder explained in the now-deleted episode that she and Doute thought Stowers’ hair and tattoos were similar to the woman’s in the security footage of the robbery.

Around that same time, Doute tweeted a link to a report about the unidentified woman, who was accused of meeting men at a nightclub and then allegedly drugging and robbing them after going home with them.

Stowers detailed her experience as the only black cast member on Vanderpump Rules in her conversation with Rice. “I didn’t have [any confessional interviews],” she said. “It could be different on their end, but in my opinion, I thought it was weird that everybody on the show got to do interviews and confessionals and I didn’t even get a chance to do that, to tell my story. Which was a very interesting story, being a black woman in the military at the time. At the time I was still in the army. … I didn’t feel like they appreciated that.”

Photo Credit: Shutterstock; Courtesy of Faith Stowers/Instagram