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Jax Taylor Shuts Down Lance Bass’ Recent Claim That They Are No Longer Business Partners!

Jax Taylor is denying Lance Bass' recent claims that the two are no longer business partners after his past offensive statements resurface. “Last week the Just Add X website had been hacked, showcasing some hateful slurs, which Jax felt horrible about. In an emotional state, Jax had texted Lance and the Just Add X team offering to step down from the company if that was the direction they wanted to take,” his rep said in a statement to Us Weekly on Tuesday, June 16.

“The team immediately followed up with a phone call with Lance and the team reassured and fully supported him.” The statement continued, “It was decided that Jax would continue to stay on the team and that they all had his back given these unpredictable times. The statements from Lance on the podcast today are not only untrue but also extremely confusing and shocking to say the least. Jax is still very much a partner and founder of Just Add X and supports the team and the brand whole-heartedly.”

Bass claimed on his “The Daily Popcast with Lance Bass” podcast on Monday, June 15, that Taylor was “stepping down” from their Just Add X venture. Bass said he “can’t be involved and associated with any of this going down.”

Bass claimed that he recently spoke with Taylor about his resurfaced racist comments. “I actually had a conversation about this yesterday and I feel like I’m the only person he heard it from,” he explained on his podcast. “He’s like, ‘I don’t understand this big nose thing.’ He goes, ‘Jewish people have big noses.’ Yeah — you can’t make fun of Jewish people or black people by their nose.”

Bass’ husband Michael “Turkey” Turchin chimed in to add that “there’s no excuse” for that behavior. Turchin added that Taylor has frequently said “very ignorant, homophobic things.”

Bass declared that Taylor will likely lose “everything” he’s worked for and he believes that Bravo will eventually fire Taylor from Vanderpump Rules over his past comments and behavior.

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