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EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Sealey Opens Up About Joining The Real Housewives Of Cheshire!

Jean-Claude, our NYC correspondent, recently had the opportunity to interview Nicole Sealey from The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The successful businesswoman and mother-of-three talked to us EXCLUSIVELY about joining ITVBe hit reality series and teases what viewers can expect in Season 11 virtual reunion and much more. Read our exclusive interview with Nicole Sealey below!

How were you approached to join the show? 
Nicole Sealey: Initially I was contacted in series 4 but had no interest in doing the show and over time the show touched base with me. I guess the stars were just aligned for series 11.

If asked back would you return for Season 12? 
NS: Of course!

If the reunion was filmed normally where do you think you would’ve sat?
NS: I think as you say, due COVID-19, the format will be slightly different and a bit lighter hearted.

Going into series 12 who were you closest to & ending the series who are you closest to now?
NS: I wouldn't say I was close to any of them at the start, but I knew Lauren, Christine, and Tanya. Towards the end of the series, I would say Dawn, Tanya, Seema, and Hanna.

Why a mustard Royce?
NS: It was gold and was loaned to us - it was definitely a talking point!

When you ripped Lauren’s picture what went through your head?
NS: Not much really, it was just an off the cuff response and I thought she would have found it funny...clearly not

Where do you and Ester Dee stand today? 
NS: As she didn't come on the trip and filming was cut short due to COVID-19, the situation didn't really get addressed and I haven't seen her since the dinner party so to be continued!

We’re you hesitant to join RHOCheshire?
NS: Absolutely, I've never wanted to be in the limelight. My husband encouraged me to join. We were trying to buy a football club and thought it would be good for the club. We didn't get the club and I've ended up on TV! I believe in life sometimes some things are just meant to be. I guess this was the new adventure I was just supposed to experience.

How hard is it bidding for a football club?
NS: Incredibly difficult as there are so many factors and moving parts. Quite often football deals are very complex and not always straight forward.

If you had to bring back a housewife from the past series who would it be and why?
NS: I generally don't like to look back or repeat stuff but I know Leanne already so I guess if anyone came back that would be the easiest one for me.

How are you holding up during this global quarantine?
NS: Very well all things considering. I’m very lucky and have a beautiful home and all my family at home with me so nothing really for me to complain about.

What surprised you the most about being on RHOCheshire?
NS: Just how much work goes into the production and how much time and commitment it takes from the cast.

Are you friends with any of the other women from the international installments?
NS: No

From the other installments have you watched? 

How would you describe the Season 11 virtual reunion in three words...?
NS: Challenging, Fun, and Tiring.

Who designed your dress for the reunion? 
NS: Portia and Scarlett

Do you think it takes a certain woman to compete with men in the boardroom?  
NS: I don't like the female male divide... If you are a strong enough male or female, you can rule both the boardroom and the world ;)

Are men intimidated when a woman holds the purse strings? 
NS: Only men that are insecure are

Tell us three things people don’t know about you...
NS: 1. I make a great cottage pie
2. I've bungee jumped
3. I survived cancer

Which comment made by one of your costars got you upset the most after watching the episodes from home?
NS: Ester

How would you describe your co-stars in just one word? 
NS: Good question!
Dawn: open
Ester: Creative
Hanna: Nice
Christine: Lively
Lauren: Blunt
Rachel: Bubbly
Seema: Smart
Tanya: Funny

How do you deal with social media trolls? Where you prepared to deal with the negative aspect of being a public figure?
NS: On the whole I think I've been quite lucky. I had prepared myself for much more negativity than I have actually had. The first week I was a little taken aback by how personal and mean some people can be, but my response is really that it's life and I can't control what other people do and say only my reaction to it. I'm a glass half full kind of girls so I choose to be polite and not let it affect me and just read the bits I like.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs Monday nights at 9:00pm only on ITVBe. For International TV Listings, click here!

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