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Elyse Slaine Explains Why She Thinks Ramona Singer “Would Beg To Trade” Leah McSweeney For Bethenny Frankel And Reveals Where She Stands With Leah After Latest RHONY Episode! Plus Elyse Opens Up About Her Fallout With Ramona; Says “Ramona Is Like A Diaper, She’s Self-Absorbed And Full Of S—t”

Elyse Slaine recently reappeared on David Yontef'd podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope, where the "friend" of the Real Housewives of New York City opens up about her fallout with Ramona Singer and reveals how she really feels about current and past RHONY cast members.

Elyse admits that she comes across as the awkward one on the show - the one who doesn’t talk. She reveals that has known them all forever except Tinsley [Mortimer] but she is surprised at how hard it is to get a word in edgewise with this group.

Elyse then clarifies the comments she made a few episodes ago about Sonja being an accessory. The whole Sonja is an accessory was misconstrued. Sonja asked Elyse if her husband makes her buy expensive bags and clothes - Sonya said she used to get embarrassed when her husband Mr. Morgan - made her dress a certain way and buy expensive bands - Elyse was saying he is accessorizing you because you are accessorizing him. This was taken out of context and looked like Elyse was calling her an accessory for no reason.

Elyse also added the way Ramona treats Sonja is different than Leah and it's a double standard. When host Yontef asked “why, how, so you mean as a daughter? Elise said, "well if that’s Ramona being a mother to Leah she's more like mommy dearest. I think she has a different standard of allowing Sonja to behave one way and judges Leah for benching that same way."

Elyse then opens up about her fallout with Ramona Singer.

"Its no secret me and Ramona had a falling out,” Slaine said on Behind the Velvet Rope podcast. The new reality star also revealed that she and Singer have unfollowed each other on social media.

If you recall, Singer recently said that Elyse isn’t a good mix on the show. Elyse's response was, "It was Ramona pushing me to hang out with his group. It wasn’t me saying I want to come on a trip and I want to go to the fashion show - it was Ramona sending me texts saying we are at the house come - Sonja wants you to come to the fashion show - it was the reaching out to me so I resent Ramona saying I didn’t bring anything."

Ramona came with her to pick out her wedding dress and Ramona hosted a bridal shower for her and she's been supportive of Ramona but the nail in the coffin is Ramona publicly disparaging her on social media saying she doesn’t fit in with the group. Why did she have to do that on social media? Ramona tried to reconcile with her at a friend's funeral so she thought there was a chance but now that Ramona did this on social media - so now knows that there is no hope.

Slaine then weighs in on Dorinda Medley's behavior this season and her breakup with John.

"I was not shocked at all when she and John broke up. John has a good heart. I know they say opposites attract but in this case it didn’t work. Dorinda is an old fashioned girl - she likes to read and go to bed early. Other than the group of girls we hang out with there is another side of her that is calm and introspective so no I am not shocked they broke up," Elyse said.

She says Dorinda is vulnerable and at the winery, Tinsley wouldn’t let it go. She said it's like a cartoon of the little guy who pokes the tiger and the tiger comes out and eats the title guy. Tinsley kept poking and "Tinsley is NO match for Dorinda when Dorinda is angry."

Elyse opens up about the drama on the show and being in the center of all the madness.

"When the show first came out - I found it very stressful to watch the show.  Knowing all these women it was hard to watch all the fights. It was STRESSFUL SO I STOPPED WATCHING.  She started watching because she knew them. But the fighting was too much. It's interesting they all say they are women supporting women, but I see a lot of women tearing each other down," she said.

"It amazes me how these women can get into these horrible fights and rip one another apart and a minute later [they] are hugging and kissing. To me words cut much deeper - if someone tried to rip me apart - it's hard for me to forgive, it makes me take a step back so that surprises me.

Slaine reveals that she cringes when she watched how she reacted to Leah drinking during last week's episode of RHONY.

"She is calm and controlled - she is somewhat reserved which is what probably makes her boring," she said about herself sarcastically in response to someone who called her boring on Instagram. She admits that she is more analytical and observes, doesn’t always need to hear herself talk

Else doesn’t understand these women who don't listen to one another and are just waiting to hear themselves talk - they don't listen or hear the other one - they just all scream - at least someone can pretend to listen when they are really tuned out and waiting to speak

She and Leah are different - she's controlled and Leah is uninhibited - she was quick to judge Leah - she could hardly watch it. According to Elyse, Ramona made it clear to her that she had to have her back, so she had her back.

Elyse regrets drunk shaming Leah and regrets bringing in her daughter into it. It was not her intent and she was horrified when she watched it and the way she made Leah feel. Now that she's gotten to know her. She calls Leah a "great mom" and reveals that it took them no time to get over it.

Elyse then reveals how she feels about her co-stars and some of their shady feuds.

Tinsley Mortimer: She didn’t know Tinsley that well before the show. She says that Mortimer is a bright woman, "there is something to her but sometimes it's hard to bet past her screaming," she said. "She was hard to get to know. I wasn’t on her side or Droindas side. I know Tinsley looks like the one who was bullied but I wanted her to realize she was being a little antagonistic to Dorinda so it wasn’t entirely Dorinda’s fault."

Dorinda Medley vs. Ramona Singer: "I think they’ll figure it out. The issue is Ramona never had nor has the ability to step back and be objective and see where she should have done something differently. Ramona is like a used diaper she’s self-absorbed and full of s**t."

Luann de Lesseps: Elyse says she doesn't speak to her at all.

Ramona Singer vs. Bethenny Frankel: "I know that Ramona had real problems with Bethenny because she thought Bethenny had no boundaries and would say or do anything but now I think Ramona would beg to trade Leah for Bethenny to come back. Bethenny and Leah would be a very interesting dynamic. I think that they would respect each other’s intellect but I think they would go at it and it could be a fight till the death. They are both very strong very cutting unfiltered so yes. No one stood up to Bethenny.  I think people were afraid of Bethenny but Leah has no fear. No fear. I would love to put both of these two in a boxing ring I think Ramona is finding herself in an alternate universe overseas with Leah being on the show"

She added: "Leah is not an instigator. She reacts so if u show her love and compassion she gives it back but if you give her a hard time she’ll have no furry."

Jill Zarin: "Jill Zarin with Leah?" -  host Yontef asks? "I think you would see a Ramona / Jill alliance these two women - who were so outspokenly negative about each other in the press  - they would come together to try to defeat Leah - if Jill came back."

You can listen to the full interview below courtesy via Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef!

Photo Credit: Bravo