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Eileen Davidson Confirms She Reached Out To Denise Richards To Make Amends And To Clarify The Recent Comments She Made About Her!

Eileen Davidson recently revealed that she reached out to Denise Richards to clarify the comments she made about her recently on a podcast where she felt that her behavior was ‘weird’ when she and other Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies attended the premiere of her husband Vincent Van Patten movie, Seven Days to Vegas.

After Richards called out Davidson for the comments she made, the legendary Emmy winner revealed that she called the Wild Things actress personally to clear the air.

“When I saw this tweet this morning I immediately texted Denise and told her I meant nothing negative or provocative by the comments I made,” Davidson tweeted on Tuesday, June 23. “She called me right away and told me she meant nothing by the tweet she sent. I like Denise very much. I think she’s a very cool chick.”

Eileen made headlines this month after she spoke about Denise’s ‘weird’ behavior at her husband’s September 2019 movie premiere.

“A few of the Housewives came to my husband’s premiere of his movie Seven Days to Vegas and I kind of had a feeling something was going on. And I was kind of waiting for something to happen, ” Eileen said in a recent episode of Bravo’s “Daily Dish” podcast, according to Us Weekly. “But it did feel a little weird, and I asked Denise, ‘Are you OK?’ because it just felt weird, and she was like, ‘Yeah, I’m fine.’ Something was going on.”

Denise then took to Twitter to clarify that she was on edge at the September 2019 movie premiere because she was set to undergo hernia surgery.

“Since you publicly spoke about this @eileen_davidson when you asked me if I was OK at your husband’s premiere I was so nervous knowing I was having surgery in two days,” Richards tweeted on Monday, June 22. “I was so sick & in so much pain but we still wanted to be there.& I hadn’t told any of other women about it.”

After one user suggested that Davidson wasn’t speaking about Denise in a negative way, the Wild Things star replied, “I never said she was.”

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