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What Does Denise Richards’ Husband Aaron Phypers Do For A Living?

What exactly does Denise Richards' husband Aaron Phypers do for a living? The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star reveals that her husband practices "frequency medicine." Denise revealed that she met her husband when she was a client of his — but what does Aaron do?

"I met Aaron at his center where he does frequency medicine and I was going to him to do preventative DNA repair; he works with a lot of different people with a lot of different things," Denise explained on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After Show last season, according to The Daily Dish.

So what does a typical frequency medicine session at his center look like? "This is very hard for me to explain," Denise said. "He doesn't touch you or anything, it's not stuff like that. It's light and sound therapy."

"How he described what is going on is Ella Fitzgerald sings and breaks glass, right? The frequency breaks that. So frequency can also break down different things going on. It's not cuckoo weird s--t; it's like been around for hundreds of years, holistic medicine, all over the world. It's different for every person," she explained.

During Wednesday night’s episode of RHOBH, Denise and her castmates gathered at Kyle Richards‘ home for a dinner party. After playing an awkward game, when the women had to share their first impressions of one another, Kyle asked Denise’s husband Aaron Phypers to explain his profession to the group.

“Denise’s husband, what Aaron does is something that’s more, I want to say cutting-edge. Even though people who know who have been around for a long time like … Yolanda Hadid … went to Aaron. And what he does is very interesting. And what you do is really amazing,” said Kyle, according to PEOPLE. “Can you tell us a little about that?”

“Everything you’ve been taught about how diseases process and stuff works is not true,” started Aaron, who paused before admitting, “I have to be careful.”

Speaking in a quieter tone, Denise reminded Aaron, “We already have people following us, be careful.”

“Let me just —” said Aaron, as Denise told him, “I know, but be careful how you say all this.”

He proceeded to cautiously explain. “I have to be careful.”

“Say what?” Kyle asked. “Explain.”

“Age of 12 I was living next to the largest nuclear facility in North America. I watched everybody die of cancer. I couldn’t understand why we could split an atom with sound and cause a nuclear explosion,” claimed Aaron, according to PEOPLE. “If you look at an atom, there’s lots of space, right? Electron, proton, neutron, whatever. There’s a lot of space, space, it’s empty space, right? 99.9 percent is space, but it’s oscillating at a frequency that appears to be real in our reality. Does that make sense?”

“Traditional isn’t traditional,” he continued. “It’s allopathic. And allopathic, it means alternative medicine. Look it up. It’s all a measurement of the electromagnetic spectrum frequency. I break down stuff so you can all heal you — I don’t heal anybody, by the way. I remove blocks, discord, information.”

Aaron claimed, “I ruptured my Achilles tendon. I regrew it in two months no surgery. How’s that possible?”

When Garcelle asked, “No surgery, is that what you’re saying? Without surgery?” Aaron confirmed, “zero.”

Aaron continued, “There’s cancer in every one of you right now. Cancer happens all the time.”

At that, Denise alleged that she and Aaron are being followed. “If we end up off of Mulholland [Drive], you know why,” said Denise, referencing a popular winding road in Los Angeles.

E!’s Justin Sylvester, who was also at the party, then interjected, “I was about to say, wait, should we be talking about this? Because I feel like Big Pharma …”

“I don’t even care,” said Aaron. But Denise said, “I do.”

“Do you even feel safe?” Justin asked.

“We already have people following us,” Denise alleged, before excusing herself to the bathroom.

“I have people following me all the time,” Aaron agreed.

“Aaron has a job where people get tremendous results and sometimes certain organizations don’t like to see those results because they make a lot of money otherwise,” Denise said in a confessional. “And there’s times we’re followed.”

In a flashback scene from three days earlier, Denise and Aaron were driving in his truck when she observed a vehicle that they had previously noticed. “There’s that weird car again,” Denise said. “I know,” Aaron replied.

Continuing his explanation at the dinner table, Aaron posed the question, “Do you want to know why cancer comes in? Because it’s protecting you of an infection your immune system did not respond to and you would have died in 12 hours. It’s your best friend that protected you from something that’s going to shoot you in the head with a bullet. That’s what cancer is. I’ll prove it all day long,” he said. “We can split an atom with sound, cause a nuclear explosion, kill people. You can’t figure out if it’s cancer?”

When Lisa asked about the “common cold,” Aaron said, “you have no idea what I really do.”

“I have an idea,” she said.

“But not really,” he told Lisa, according to PEOPLE. “Come to my office.”

Upon returning from the restroom, Denise told the table, “We’re going to move on from this.”

Though Aaron continued talking about it with Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky — “Doesn’t matter whatever terminal disease it is,” he said — Denise tapped him and told him, “You can’t talk about this right now, anymore.”

“I don’t give a s—,” Aaron said to her.

“I give a s—,” she said. “We’re not talking about this anymore. It’s for our safety. Stop.”

Aaron told her, “You’re protected completely,” and said in Mauricio’s direction, “She’s protected.”

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