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Mpumi Mophatlane Says RHOJ Co-Star Brinnette Seopela “Crossed The Line When She Attacked” Her Marriage And Accused Her Of “Cheating”; Says “All Gloves Are Off From Here Onwards”

Mpumi Mophatlane reveals how she deals with online trolls. The Real Housewives of Johannesburg, who is also known as “Mrs. Mops”, claims she isn’t bothered by the haters because everything happened as planned.

“People like you one minute and hate you the next,” she told DRUM. “I decided not to check my Twitter when people started hating and I’ve never been happier.”

“Reality shows sometimes lack drama and spice. I wanted to bring glitz and drama, so I created my alter- ego, Mrs. Mops,” she continued. “I sat at home and asked what contribution I needed to make on the show to help make it dramatic.”

While Mpumi is a respectful and polite woman that all changes when Mrs. Mops appears on camera.

“Don’t mess with Mrs. Mops because she’ll come for you,” Mpumi says. “Mrs. Mops doesn’t care, she calls a spade a spade. She calls people out on their nonsense and she’s feisty and calculating. Creating her was my coping mechanism throughout the show.”

 “I often create characters in my head to cope with different situations. It’s nothing new – I’m an actress, after all.”

Mpumi admits that she would return to the 1Magic hit reality series if she's asked to return for another season.

“I’d do it all over again, except better, with more strategy and drama,” she says. “I have absolutely no regrets. I live for the moment. Even the dramatic reunion didn’t break me, it just taught me not to trust people.”

“Next time I’ll have my guard up and tread with caution,” she told DRUM.

Mrs. Mops then opens up about the allegations her co-star Brinnette Seopela made about her during the RHOJ season 2 reunion.

“Yes, I was dramatic, but I was also too nice, especially to Brinnette, who turned out to be underhanded. She crossed the line when she attacked my marriage, claiming I was cheating on my husband. She lied just to get back at me. All gloves are off from here onwards. Next season I hope to return just to show her how much I don’t care. I’ll make sure I don’t invite her to anything,” she says. “I came to the reunion hoping to clear the air and hash things out, but things just ended sour. I don’t have an issue with the ladies, but they can go to hell. Except for Lejoy, of course. That’s my girl.”

Photo Credit: 1Magic