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Mary Zilba Reveals What She Would Like To See On RHOV If The Show Returned For Third Season! Ronnie Negus Explains Why She Was Not Herself During Season Two And Admits She Would Like To Reunite With Her Former Co-Stars!

The topic about The Real Housewives of Vancouver continued after Ronnie Negus shared a throwback photo with Mary Zilba on Instagram. In the comment section of the post, Negus revealed that she would like to reunite with her co-stars and much more.

After a fan suggested that she didn't seem like herself during the second season of RHOV,  Ronnie replied, "After my daughter nearly died right before we started filming season 2 .... I was neither here nor there," she wrote. "I was not myself at all, I was also trying to get and stay sober while filming this show. Tough times for sure."

After another follower revealed that it was not fair how "they made" Ronnie "look whenever" JOdy "was around" and claimed to stop watching after everyone turned on Mary, Ronnie replied, "I didn't particularly like how they made me look either also though I do take some responsibility for me myself and I .... I was barely there second season after my daughter almost died. I was trying to cope and battle PTSD," she wrote. "Thanks for seeing past the hard and painful moments xx."

Ronnie then revealed that she would like to host an RHOV reunion. "I'm thinking of arranging a reunion," she wrote. "Jody doesn't speak to me but I'm sure I can get everyone else."

When asked if she still in contact with her former cast members, Ronnie replied, "Almost every one of them."

When asked why RHOV Season 2 didn't get a reunion, Ronnie replied, "Production never really told us. I think someone was threatening to sue all of us during the reunion if there was one," she wrote, adding, "Bring it on LOL."

Meanwhile, Mary Zilba shared the experiences she endured during her time on the show and revealed what she would like to see if the show returned for a third season.

"Wow has time flown by... I totally remember this pic I think it was taken at the Wedgewood Hotel and we probably in our early 30s...crazy! So many years ago 🤦🏼‍♀️ Reunion show or season 3?? I’m not sure 🤔 I think I’m still dealing with PTSD from the first go around!! It was some pretty dark times for me," she wrote. "I’d like to see an evolution of the series where women actually lifted each other up and supported each other and left the drama for real life issues that occur with all of us everyday, rather than cattiness and tearing each other down. I never felt good about the show when it seemed to celebrate and focus on negativity, bullying and women bashing each other. Being on TV Or in the public eye comes with responsibility of being good role models. So MUCH has happened to all of us since the last episode of RHOV and our lives have evolved tremendously -the changes alone would make great TV! Inter-fighting among cast members is fruitless and irresponsible imo."

Back in 2013, Slice confirmed that they were putting RHOV "on hiatus" despite pulling strong television ratings for the network, which they later canceled the series after two successful seasons.

Since the show ended, Ronnie has kept in touch with Amanda Hansen, Ioulia Reynolds, Robin Reichman, and Reiko MacKenzie.

As for Zilba, she has only kept in touch with original co-star Christina Kiesel, as the two reunited last year where Kiesel shared an update on her life since moving to the U.S. in Zilba's podcast.

Earlier this year, Ronnie and Mary revealed that they rekindled their friendship and put their past issues from the show behind them.

Photo Credit: Instagram