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Marlo Hampton Reveals How She Really Feels About Her RHOA Co-Stars And Admits She Wants Phaedra Parks To Return For Season 13! Plus Marlo Reveals Which Current RHOBH Cast Member Is Her Favorite!

Marlo Hampton did not hold back when she appeared on David Yontef's podcast, Behind The Velvet Rope. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared how she truly feels about her co-stars and also reveals which Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member is her favorite and much more!

During the interview, Marlo slammed Kenya Moore for her relationship with Marc. She said she would rather be single than let a man treat her the way he treats Kenya and he does all this on national TV. She admits that she feels sorry for her.

She cringes when she sees the way Marc treats Kenya on RHOA and hopes Kenya wakes up before its too late because she doesn’t want Brooklyn to see the way Kenya gets treated by Marc. She finds it unbelievable that the former Miss USA allows herself to be spoken the way Daly speaks to her.

However, Hampton also wastes no time and shades Moore in the process. The fashion guru grades Moore's acting and gives her a C, or C minus. Marlo believes Kenya act out on the show because she hasn’t had an acting gig in years. She said that Moore was acting at her wig event - acting when she cried all season - acting on the show. She made a dramatic scene at her wig event because Moore needed to try out her acting skills.

She also believes that Kenya was bothered by her for having her own wig event - 'she was like why is she having an event she isn’t a housewife - she is very messy' Marlo revealed.

Marlo also dished on her love life. She admits that she is ok being alone. She notes that she rathers being along to having a man who cheats.

Hampton also shared her thoughts on the Cookie Lady drama. Marlos thinks the whole situation was super messy. She says its jealously - Tanya has the man, the clothes and the house. Its what Kenya wants most and Tanya has it.

She adds that Kenya brings out the awfulness in everyone. She also admits that her loyalty is to Nene as a friend. But she adds that she is no one's sidekick and she will befriend whoever she wants.

Marlo also reveals that she was brought in the show by former cast member Phaedra Parks. She thinks Parks is epic and she hates seeing what went down between Parks and Kandi Burruss.

She thinks Phaedra makes great television and thinks Kandi would be fine if Parks returned, despite what Burruss may say. Marlo claims that Kandi is mostly concerned with making good TV and the longevity of the show.

As for Porsha Williams, she is rooting for Williams and fiancé Dennis McKinley. She hopes things work out for them.

While many fans of the series hope to see Marlo hold a peach one day, the fashionista admits that she's open to holding a peach but believes someone at Bravo doesn't like her and won't promote her as a full-time cast member. But according to Marlo, some of the girls look down on her for not “having” a peach, in particular, Eva Marcille. She says that Eva is the worst offender of I've got peach and you don’t - she is the newest peach holder and that’s probably why. She shared that it used to be Kenya but now its Eva.

Hampton added that Dorit Kemsley is her favorite on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She admits that she even hired Dorit's stylist to glam her up for the reunion.

You can listen to the full interview below courtesy via Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef!

Photo Credit: Bravo