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Luann de Lesseps Shares New Details About Her 2017 Drunken Arrest!

Luann de Lesseps is reflecting on her past legal troubles. The Real Housewives of New York City star faced some legal issues following her 2017 arrest in Palm Beach, Florida. But after accepting a plea deal and finishing her probation sentence, Luann is looking back on her journey.

"I try to keep a sense of humor about it. My cabaret show—one of the reasons I think it's successful is because I'm honest with the audience," Luann explained on E!'s digital series Just the Sip. "I self-deprecate about what happened to me because I think people can relate. It could have happened to anyone what happened to me."

She continued, "And you know the police officer that arrested me is in jail [for] making false arrests against people. Karma's a bitch. I really haven't talked about it because I'm still going through finishing my probation so I didn't want to raise any awareness to it but the day I got off probation is the day I found out he went to jail."

According to online court records obtained by E! News, officer Steven O'Leary is still in jail, being held on dozens of charges including tampering with evidence, making false official statements, false imprisonment and more. According to local outlets, he pled not guilty to all charges and requested a jury trial.

A rep for the Palm Beach Police Department where the officer worked previously told Page Six his cases "have been reviewed by internal affairs and there were no discrepancies."

Ultimately, Luann explained that she's not one "who dwells on the past."

"Probably the worst part was dealing with my family and the kids. It was a lot for me to go through but think about my children. It was really tough," she shared. "That was the hardest thing but it brought us even closer as a result."

Luann teased that one day she will reveal more about her experience with the legal system.

"I just got through it so maybe not right now but I think I'm going to write a book eventually about this whole thing so people know exactly what happened to me," she added. "Since then, I've been working with The Fortune Society."

Photo Credit: Bravo