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Karen Huger Seemingly Shades Yovanna Momplaisir Over RHOA Season 12 ‘SnakeGate’ Drama, Yovanna Claps Back!

Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger like the rest of us tuned in to watch Part 3 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 12 virtual reunion. It appears that the Grande Dame was thrilled when the ladies called out Yovanna Momplaisir over the “SnakeGate” drama.

“Come on #RHOA teamwork! Good, bad or indifferent #sisterhood Get the real snake Rhop,” she tweeted.

Karen added, “Always look 👀 out for the thirsty wannabe come up. The hole they attempt to dig for you is the very HOLE they themselves will fall into. #CommonSense POWERFUL #rhop #rhoa”

Meanwhile, Yovanna, who is no stranger to confrontation and controversy, clapped back at Huger via Twitter.

“It’s always the old bitter bishes,” Yovanna wrote, adding a kiss emoji.

As previously reported, Yovanna appeared in Part 3 of the RHOA season 12 virtual reunion to share her side of the “SnakeGate” drama.

“I'm here to clear my name,” Yovanna said as she implicated NeNe Leakes for requesting the recording. “Not only did she ask me to record Ms. Cynthia Bailey, but she told me she wanted me to record every single body that's sitting right here. She wanted proof that everybody else is equally talking s*** about her the way she talks s*** about everybody else.”

Yovanna also shared that Leakes tried to silence her by sending her a cease and desist. “In her cease and desist, her attorney's verbiage was that I needed to destroy any alleged audio that I might have on her that would portray her in a negative light or defame her character,” Yovanna said.

“I don't know where she got that information from, I've never recorded NeNe. But clearly she's afraid of the truth coming out here today,” she revealed, according to DailyMailTV.

Yovanna explained why she decided to be part of the “SnakeGate” scandal. “In the beginning... she was the one that was showing me the most love, she had my back. She saw that I started hanging out with the ladies and started establishing genuine friendships that she wasn't in a position anymore to do. And she saw it as an opportunity to find out if anyone was talking s*** about her,” Yovanna said.

She then revealed that Leakes “wanted proof of conversations” but she added that secretly recording people “went against my mortal being.”

“But because she was so pressed and thirsty for more information, I basically told her what she wanted to hear.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram