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Andy Cohen Reveals How RHOA Season 12 Virtual Reunion Was Filmed!

Andy Cohen is spilling the tea on how the first virtual reunion for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was filmed. If you recall, the reunion was initially postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but was later confirmed that the reunion was going to be filmed online.

Andy spilled some behind-the-scenes tea on how the taping went while giving a new tour of his home office on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen's Twitter account on May 2. "My home studio has come miles since our last tour," Andy said in the video.

Aside from some creative lighting like using trash bags to cover the windows and a ring light near his desk. He also has a new microphone and a new teleprompter above his laptop.

Andy now wears in-ear monitors like musicians have on while they're performing, which helps him hear much better. "I had them jammed in my ears for 12 hours yesterday doing the Atlanta reunion so that the screaming went directly into my earlobe," he said, according to The Daily Dish.

Cohen revealed that the number one piece of advice the Wives shared with him was the use of the mute button.

That's not all. During the tour, Cohen's desk contained all of Andy's questions for the Atlanta Housewives including a laptop that was used for the reunion taping. "They sent us all our own laptops, and they were able to control the laptop remotely," Andy said.

"I'm very excited. I feel like everything that you see here is something that I have set up on FaceTime with our technical supervisor," he shared. "And I never thought that I had it in me to be able to set all this stuff up."

After two days of technical rehearsals, Andy said prior to the RHOA reunion that he was "praying for the best" when it came to showtime. "I think it's going to be a very long day. The women have been champs," he said on the morning of the reunion. "It's like doing the Super Bowl on Zoom, but better a Super Bowl on Zoom than no Super Bowl at all is how I view it."

Andy also gave a quick tour of his radio studio, aka his bedroom, where he records his SiriusXM show Andy Cohen Live. "I set this little bad boy up, I click my Wi-Fi into it, I lay on my bed, and I talk into my headphones," he explained. "We're generating a lot of content out of this apartment."

Photo Credit: Bravo