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Tom Sandoval Shares New Details About His Feud With Stassi Schroeder And Claims Lala Kent’s Publicist Convinced Her To Befriend Stassi And Katie Maloney! Plus Ariana Madix And Scheana Shay Feel Like Lala, Stassi And Katie Have “A Pact” To “Not Call Each Other Out”

Tom Sandoval is sharing new details about his altercation with Stassi Schroeder. The TomTom co-owner claims that he was the target of a “gang up” by his Vanderpump Rules co-stars who didn’t understand why he had sent rage text messages to Stassi the night before her book launch, which took place at his restaurant earlier this season.

“I’m sitting at TomTom in the front and I had Katie come up and scream at me in dead silence, belittling me, calling me jealous, saying that I was an a**hole, [yelling] f**k you on repeat in front of fans and customers, he said on Wednesday’s episode of Scheana Shay's podcast, Scheananigans, according to Reality Blurb. “Then I had Kristen come up to me and say that I was jealous and yell at me. Then I had Lala come up to me and yell at me. Then I had Schwartz come up and yell at me and finally, I had Stassi.”

“Yeah I sent a text message I shouldn’t have sent but there’s a lot of history that went into that,” he added.

Sandoval also revealed it is Lala Kent’s publicist who is responsible for her friendships with Schroeder and Katie Maloney.

“[Lala’s] publicist said that was definitely a move she was making,” Sandoval claimed. “Two or three years ago, she decided it was a good decision for her on the show to be friends with Katie and Stassi… not saying that there is not legitimacy in them being friends now.”

Scheana and Ariana also agreed with Tom, stating that they had heard the same.

Later in the episode, Scheana revealed that she and Ariana were left out of Lala’s wedding party before suggesting that Lala has an allegiance to the other girls.

“It’s like how we’re not in Lala’s wedding, and that’s totally fine. It’s her wedding it’s her day… have whoever you want in it. But we were the two people who were friends with her first [and] now we’re the two people she’ll pop off on,” Scheana explained. “It’s never Katie or Stassi. I feel like there’s this weird [thing] where they have a pact to not call each other out or something.”

“Maybe it’s just easier to pop off on me or [Scheana], because me or you, no one else jumps down their throat,” Ariana replied.

Madix then revealed why it's easier for the rest of the ladies to come after her or Shay.

“If I were to pop off on Katie or Stassi or Lala, I’d have 10 people jumping at me but if somebody pops off on me, it’s just [us]. I understand wanting to stand up for your friend. That is a real-life emotion,” she continued. “But, I think it shouldn’t be so black and white because with our show, most situations there’s no clear right or wrong. I think there has to be a little more talking about the gray area. I understand if someone sees their friend upset wanting to stand up for them but also not turning it into a gang up.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram