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The Reason Why RHOBH Ladies Are Upset With Denise Richards Has Nothing To Do With Her Alleged Hookup With Brandi Glanville; “They’re Upset Over The Things Denise Said Behind Their Backs About Them As Individuals,” Sources Say!

The cast of the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are upset with Denise Richards, and according to sources, it has nothing to do with her alleged hookup drama with Brandi Glanville.

“The real reason they’re upset over the things Denise Richards said behind their backs about them as individuals to Brandi and that’s why they’re actually not speaking. They feel Denise didn’t own what she said,” an insider told HollywoodLife. “The RHOBH ladies don’t really care all that much about the Denise and Brandi affair and if it happened or not,” the source also confirmed.

Meanwhile, another insider claims that Denise feels like she has “owned” everything she’s said about her co-stars.

“Denise feels she owns everything she has said about the ladies,” a second source revealed. “But, she is also aware of some of the things they have said about her and assumes there’s also a lot she doesn’t know.”

“Another big reason for the demise of so many friendships is the way that Aaron inserted himself into the fighting between the ladies and the drama,” the first insider told the outlet.

“Denise brought Aaron several times to things but that’s because he was supposed to be there along with the other husbands,” the source told HollywoodLife. “The ladies didn’t like the way he reacted when they all fought, but he really was just protecting Denise. The ladies just felt he took it a little too far, but things were just heated all the way around.”

Photo Credit: Bravo