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Tamra Judge Confirms That Her Secret TV Project With Vicki Gunvalson Has “Been Put On Hold” Due To Coronavirus! Plus Tamra & Vicki Reveal Whether They’d Return To RHOC!

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson reveal whether or not they would return to The Real Housewives of Orange County. “That option is open for me if I want to take it. But at this time, I don’t really want to take it because I’m working on another project, and the other project, you know contractually would stop me, I could get tied into another contract,” she told HollywoodLife about whether or not she will appear on the show.

“So, never say never, who knows what’s gonna pan out. I really don’t have any hard feelings about the show it was a huge part of my life. I feel like to be on TV for 12 years was a total gift. I didn’t go to school to be in the entertainment business. So it really opened up a lot of doors for me. And, you know, I was able to open up two businesses. I exposed a lot of my life and it was all good.”

Judge then reveals she may be open for a future return to the Bravo hit reality series. “I don’t know, I’m pretty content where I’m at. I’m happy and feeling with what’s going on in our family,” she said. “I’m not a person that says you know, I’m never gonna go back, I don’t have any hard feelings. But if it works out and the timing’s right, yeah for sure. But right now I’m enjoying the present and just staying at home. So we’ll see, I’m not really a person that goes backwards, I usually just move forward on to the next project and I don’t let the grass grow under my feet. So, obviously as soon as word got out that I wasn’t coming back I got a few offers that came my way and I’m just looking them over right now and seeing what’s best for me.”

At the moment, Judge is focusing on her family. As you may recall, Judge's ex-husband previously announced that he was diagnosed with Stage 3 throat cancer. “I just need to concentrate on just being home and being with my children and my husband and just getting through this because it is a very hard thing to watch somebody fight cancer, very very hard,” she said. “I got a lot on my plate right now. The kids are with me full time right now and their dad’s really fighting for his life and it’s just it’s been a difficult sad situation. And I just can’t imagine right now taking time away for my kids to go drink and party and you know, film and go on vacations knowing exactly what everybody’s going through right now, it just didn’t make any sense.”

As for Vicki, the OG of the OC feels different compared to Judge about returning to RHOC. “At the end of the day, Bravo moved on and it wasn’t me it was them and I wasn’t ready to go walk away,” Vicki told HollywoodLife during a recent Instagram Live session. “When you create something it’s like you finish the house and then they said, ‘OK, you have to move out.'”

She continued, “I felt like I built a really great, strong franchise and it hurt my feelings and I think they’re done with me.”

Gunvalson then explained why she thinks the Real Housewives franchise is officially “done” with her.  “I don’t know. I just feel like they wouldn’t have done part-time Season 14 and then end it and they dangled that carrot in front of me, [like], ‘We’ll bring you back part-time and next time we’ll bring you back full-time like some of the other ones,’ and then it was just like, ‘We’re done with you and Tamra [Judge].'”

“I just didn’t get it,” she confessed. Vicki says she’s “not crying anymore about it,” adding, “I was crying every day, morning, noon and night, on my way to work, on my way home from work. I was like, ‘What happened? I’m the same person,’ but they had different plans I think.”

She added, “I know I’m not really supposed to say that, but, when you’re on as long as me and you created it, you can see through it and I got really upset about it,” Vicki explained. “I think it was wrong and I thought we were filming a reality show and for me my reality is pretty damn exciting.” For now, Vicki said, “we’ll see — we’ll see.” After all, this is what she tells Tamra: “No, we didn’t get fired. We walked away.”

Tamra also confirmed that her secret project with Gunvalson has been put on hold due to the coronavirus crisis. “Me and Vicki [Gunvalson] are working on something but now it’s been put on hold obviously like everything else,” she told HollywoodLife. “But we’ve been talking to somebody about doing our own show together. So that’s pretty exciting. But everything’s on hold right now so it’s all up in the air until things are back and running. But I’m really excited about that.”

Photo Credit: Bravo