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New Details Emerge About RHOA Season 12 Virtual Reunion Drama!

New details have emerged about the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 virtual reunion taping. The cast reunited on Thursday, April 23, and filmed online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sources reveal that NeNe Leakes was at the center of the drama.

“NeNe felt attacked several times at the reunion which is why she walked out,” a source told HollywoodLife. “She got to a breaking point and needed to hit pause and she had it but she came back. NeNe would never just not come back. She was at the center of a lot of the fighting at the reunion.”

An insider revealed that the original Georgia peach faced-off with Eva Marcille, Kandi Burruss, and Kenya Moore.

“NeNe really got into it with Eva who went at her after she called her boring. Eva really let her have it,” sources revealed. “NeNe and Kenya and NeNe and Kandi [Burress] also got into it heavily. A lot of the fighting and drama was surrounded around NeNe, but NeNe held her own. Some of the accusations being made, especially by Kenya, infuriated her.”

The source added, “She and Cynthia are at the same place, but Cynthia is close with Kenya, Kandi and Eva, who NeNe is not getting along with at the moment.”

Meanwhile, other sources are sharing more details about what went down at the virtual reunion taping.

Tamara Tattles reveals that the virtual taping gave the women more courage to speak out.

“Eva was exposed as an opportunist,” the source told the outlet.

Apparently,  NeNe called Eva a wannabe and said, “Now you finally have your first house you think you can be a housewife, good luck paying your bills when you get fired.”

NeNe told Eva “I’m not Kevin McCall!”

The site also reports that Kenya Moore and Leakes dominated the reunion. NeNe allegedly accused Kenya of not being legally married and NeNe’s on-again-off-again relationship with Wendy Williams was also brought up while Moore was accused of leaking stories to the blogs. Source also reveals that Moore and Leakes argued about SpitGate.

Kenya also faced off with Porsha Williams as the two are no longer friends. “Kenya revealed that Porsha was plotting and scheming behind the scenes to get everyone to ice NeNe out of filming. Porsha said Kenya, Cynthia, and Kandi were plotting on everything. She accused Kenya of rehearsing specific potential arguments with NeNe. Kenya was “acting as obnoxious as her season five antics.” NeNe also ranted about the alliance between Kenya, Cynthia, and Kandi. Eva is the new flip-flopper between the two factions,” reports Tamara Tattles.

That's not all, Yovanna Momplaisir made an appearance to discuss SnakeGate drama but Leakes apparently walked off the set and stayed off-camera the entire segment and production was less than thrilled about Leakes walking off.

Apparently, Cynthia Bailey was outed as the mastermind behind the Cookie Lady drama. The site claims that “Her good friend Kenya is allegedly the one that through Cynthia under the bus at the reunion. They were in on it together.”

Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sam also made an appearance at the reunion. And as expected, Kandi and NeNe also went at it.

Tamara Tattles states that Burruss “was extremely pissed at NeNe’s Youtube statements. At one point she told Nene to “shut the fuck up” and let her talk.”

Photo Credit: Bravo