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Marlo Hampton Says Her Relationship With RHOA Co-Stars Is “Amazing” This Season “Except Freddy Krueger” Kenya Moore! Plus Marlo Shares Her Predictions For Season 12 Reunion!

Marlo Hampton is spilling the tea about the Season 12 drama of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The longtime friend to the show is also sharing her favorite moment from the series and what she excepts to go down at the upcoming reunion, which is currently postponed due to the coronavirus and much more.

When asked to share her favorite and least favorite moment this season, she said, "One of my favorite moments, and I hate to say this because my sis NeNe wasn’t included in this, was the kickball game. That was just amazing," she told BET. "All the girls literally got along. It was just a beautiful sisterhood. And my least favorite I would have to say, and I have a couple of least favorites really, was Kenya crashing my wig party."

When asked how her relationships are with her co-stars this season, Marlo said, "My relationship with the cast is amazing. This is one of the first seasons I feel that I'm getting along with all the girls except Freddy Krueger….Kenya Moore [Laughs]. So, I'm okay where I'm at."

"Kenya, I just felt she's going through a lot in her life and I just feel that when you're hurt, you know that saying, “Hurt people hurt people.” So, you know she’s a new mother, wife, unhappily married, she's just going through a lot. But she's definitely not on my friend list. I don't wish her any bad luck. I wish her nothing but the best but she's someone I'm cool with and I just never have to be friends with."

As to why she expects to see down at the Season 12 reunion of RHOA, "It's going to be epic. So even though it's on hold right now, stay tuned because it's going to be amazing. We have a lot of musical chairs with friendships."

"I’m just gonna tell you my predictions. I think NeNe and Kenya are going to get into it. NeNe will chew Kenya’s head off and spit it in the trash," she told BET. "And I will be on the sidelines with rhinestone pom poms [Laughs]."

She added: "I see Kenya and Cynthia getting into it. And I think this time Cynthia’s not gonna let her off easy. I don’t know why, I just feel that she’s been letting her off the hook so much this season."

Photo Credit: Bravo