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Magali Gorré Sounds Off On Her Recent Feud With Lauren Simon; Says “Jealousy Is A Disease And I Hope She Gets Better Soon”

Magali Gorré is spilling the tea about her feud with Lauren Simon. "I’ve lived 21 years in Cheshire and people here really like me for who I am. I think I have a great fan base with fans of The Real Housewives of Cheshire and Lauren knew that so she always had my back," she told TV Deets.

"However, things changed with her behavior when I chose to leave the show. I still don’t know why. I have never had a single argument with her, even though she acts like a spoiled child at times!" the footballer wife said. "I understand she has a hard time with her personal life, but she shouldn’t be rude to me for no reason. Jealousy is a disease and I hope she gets better soon."

She continued, "It would have been a good episode if they had cameras with us when I called her out in our local grocery store."

Lauren, who left the show at the end of Season 8, is returning to the series for Season 11. But Magali explains why she's "confused" about Simon's return to the series.

"I was confused with Lauren’s return. What will her storyline be? In Cheshire many people are confused, but we’ll have to wait and see," she told TV Deets. "I just remember the time she wasn’t on the show and the reunion and to be honest, nobody missed her."

Despite multiple fans petitioning for her return, Magali previously revealed that she has no plans to return. "Never say never, but watch this space! My family is never dull and we are working on a few projects and life is good. It’s not always easy but we have dreams and will work towards them."

Photo Credit: Nathan D'Amour Photography via Facebook, ITVBe